Summary: Read to know how body awareness comes through yoga, making movements more effortless, taps into an innate understanding of Self and works therapeutically at an emotional level.

Body-awareness is an intrinsic outcome of practicing yoga. This is a quality of proprioception, which is the ability to grasp one’s own physical parts in relative position to each other and the intensity of force that needs to be applied at these points when it comes to movement. A lot of practitioners admit to missing out on this aspect of body-awareness in their preliminary yoga practice. This also owes to the lack of an intensive course structure where body awareness through yoga can be sufficiently explored. That is why undergoing an intensive yoga teacher training program is recommended at some point in one’s learning.

This is a knowingness that comes with inward listening. In the prelims of yoga practice, one would always be preoccupied with achieving the final posture to perfection, with zero heeds to breath and meditation, thus ‘awareness’ would be neglected. The course structure and space of a YTT on the other hand, significantly allows the practitioner to explore slowness, being inwardly wakeful, and perceptive. Rather than caring about how many calories you are losing or bending over backward against your body’s warning, you would be directed to move contemplatively in this learning process.

A wondrous change in mind-body faculties can come with body-awareness. Your range of sensation can dramatically expand. You can markedly feel, concentrate upon, and move even the otherwise sensationally-obscure little toe! It is as though some previously undiscovered parts of your body will come alive and integrate with your system, making it stronger. This sense of discovery and integration is in essence what yoga means literally- “to yoke” or “unite”.

Start keeping a journal to track down the changes happening in your everyday living, practice patterns, moods, and dietary habits, as you gain body-awareness and the following outcomes will become evident—

· You could wake up early or fall asleep peacefully as and when willed. As though, the right switch in your system to either rest or to invigorate will suddenly come under your control.

· You would hardly be battling out bad cravings anymore. Your body will develop the clairvoyance to know what food would not go well with your unique state and making, and there will be no irrational hankering for ice-cream, chocolate, and excessive spicy food at odd times.

· You will be thriving in your yoga. Not a single strand of muscles will strain, for you will know exactly how much pressure to apply and when to stop. The range of movement will slowly expand as well.

· A lot of detoxification will be happening. Your body fluids will go in a churn. There will be no congestion anywhere. Toxins will be flushed out naturally owing to your newfound internal awareness.

· Expect to be better in control of your temper. Unsexy mood swings should be more than gone. It turns out we don’t need any particular reason to be happy. Joyousness is the most natural state of one’s body-mind. You just have to know how to smile and be cheery oftener.

The acute body awareness found through yoga also makes a great impact at an emotional level. Unresolved issues are often pushed deep down into the abyss of the psyche, fermenting angst and emotional anguish. Mind-numbing incidents like the overwhelming grief from the death of a dear one or something terrible that one holds oneself guilty for, many times cannot find any expression. These are issues one fails to confront about even with herself. But thoughts and emotions, though they do not have a tangible form, seem to settle in the subconscious and tend to trigger out in a most unpredictable manner.

When you connect deeper within your mind-body subsets through yogic body awareness, these introverted issues could actually be brought out. You could finally confront all of it and give expressions. You will finally be able to cry the tears you needed to cry since forever.

A completely self-administered catharsis thus happen with yogic body-awareness.