How To Write Article Step By Step Tutorials

There are ways blog owners can increase traffic on their sites: guest blogging is one of those ways. It involves a writer developing content or ideas for a blog that is not their own. Guest blogging does not only benefit the owner of the blog but also gives opportunity to guest bloggers to promote their own names and blogs, it exposes their blogs to new audiences, it also gives you an opportunity as a guest blogger to take your skill or knowledge and share it with the public, another thing it does is to build your relationships with other bloggers and experts within your field.

The purpose of this write up is to give a guideline on how to write a perfect guest blog.  It is of almost importance that you learn how to write a good blog post before writing on others blog, no one wants a boring post nor a post that is out of their interest: as different bloggers have their area of interest, you cannot write a medical post of an entertainment blog except if there is a demand for it, which means you must put the round peg in the round hole.

To write an acceptable yet interesting article for your guest blogging you must follow certain guidelines and those guidelines would be discussed in this write up.

  • The first thing to do is to scope the blog you want to write for; visit the blog site, check their post trend, note the style or pattern of their posts, the vocabularies used, the content, the kind of ideas that are promoted on the site, take a look at the guest blogs on the site; look at the topics covered, do they use headers, bolded text, images, quotes or other special formatting? Make sure your post is similar to other posts on the blog and go through the comments to see how the audience reacted to each of them. Go through the guidelines you are expected to follow as a guest blogger, you will find details on format, style, length and rules on what content is accepted or not. Take to heart, it is a rule you have to follow except it stated otherwise, make sure before you write anything it adheres to the blog’s rules.
  • Next is your writing; it is advisable that you write conversationally so as to make your article interesting , when you write using this style: it is as though you are talking to your readers ,this way it engages the mind of whoever is reading your article, use words like “you” and “your ” .


Fantastic Headline

Making your readers know about your post is not enough: make it enticing to captivate your readers and make sure it is SEO-friendly (search engine optimization): do not use H1 header tags except for the post title- use H2, H3s and so on to neatly organize your post.


 Solid Introduction

This part give writers the most problems, a lot of people tend to overwrite with the mind of captivating their readers. The most important and simple question your introduction must answer is: why should this topic matter to the reader? Start your post in a you voice, you may bring in your personal anecdote to drive home your point.


Segue into your main ideas

You don’t have to make a mistake of jumping straight into bullet points, it is better if you can offer a lead-in, especially one that repeats the title.


Smart Bullets

Once your headline tells the readers to expect a number of ideas, number each of your main posts and bullet point for clarity. Make sure each of your bullets points match what you promised.


Give actionable information

Your number priority when writing is that your readers get good information, it is best that you give necessary and detailed information and don’t gloss over the topic.


Write with authority

The reason you are guest blogging on a topic is because you are an expert, it would be embarrassing to use words like “I think” as it would make the reader doubt your expertise


Use of visual aids

An article that is full of text is no doubt going to be boring, make use of images, diagrams or videos at point when you need to expatiate what you are talking about, this will add value to your writing.  Normally, you should have a visual break every 300 words or less which can mean a custom image, a stock photo, an audio or video.

Note; do not use stock photography except you have a reason to for example: when you need to explain something, using stock photography unnecessarily makes you article look cheesy.


  • Don’t write a repetitive conclusion; you don’t have to repeat every point in your conclusion, it is okay to have a closing statement although it is simple but it nails it by giving your write up a wrapped-up feeling so you don’t leave the reader hanging.


  • Proof read your work; although editors will look over your copy before it goes , it is better to go through your write up or have someone do it for, proofreading will increase the chances of your work being accepted.


  • Invitation for feed back; blogging is all about initiating conversation, a call to action will foster that chatter. So ask your readers an easy question they can answer in the comments. Another thing you can do is to; tell your readers what to do at the end of the post this is known as a call to action (CTA), ask your readers to drop their comments and respond to the comments on the blog.


  • Your bio data; Write a concise bio of two sentences with one or two links to promote yourself, if you are able to include a bio at the bottom of your post, it is necessary to grab the opportunity. This is usually the only place you get to include self promotion,.