Summary: The article aims to highlight the most vital pointers for selecting the best school in India for Yoga Training Certification.

The decision to go for a Yoga Teacher Training program marks the first step of a wonderful journey of life. Hence, it is crucial that the selection of the yoga school is done with keenness and precociousness. A yoga teacher training in India offers the golden opportunity to receive authentic yoga education under the tutelage of great Indian yoga teacher. A yoga teacher in India is an epitome of traditional legitimacy that you would not be able to grab elsewhere in the globe. However, do not be lured just by any yoga school in the country as having the tag of being Indic is not enough, it is just the beginner’s step, and it surely does not imply any obligation to quality and substance. Selecting the ideal Yoga School in India for YTTC is a far-fetched process:

Selecting a Yogic Destination

Depending upon the season or region in which you are planning to travel to the Indian sub-continent, select a few destinations that are yogic and invoke spirituality at its best. India is ideally visited between the months of October – March. During these months, select from various yogic locations zone-wise such as Kerala, Mysore, Pondicherry in the South, Goa in the West, Rishikesh, Dharamshala, in the north. Being the yoga capital of the globe, Rishikesh is highly recommended for its Himalayan beauty and deep Yogic resources, while Kerala, the motherland of Ayurveda is appreciated for its lush-green healing ambiance and traditional Yoga-Ayurveda teachings.

Prepare a List of Certified Schools

Once you have finalized the location of study, it is time to enlist the certified yoga schools in the region. The best yoga schools are certified under various prestigious governing bodies of Yoga, including Yoga Alliance. Graduating from these schools is ideal as you shall be able to preach yoga with a validated status of an excellent yoga teacher across the globe.

Check out the Style and Curriculum Details

You must have a particular yoga style in mind before commencing this research. Now is the step to further filter out those schools that offer your preferred yoga style and program of study. Compare the course curriculum of the filtered schools in accordance with their fee structure with the rest of the schools. Draw a comparison between these.

Meet the Teachers and Administration

Teachers are the founding pillars of a great yoga school and a major deciding factor. Fix an appointment with a couple of teachers who shall be undertaking your program or capture legit information of their profile online for the final selection. Talk to the admin of the school and make an assessment of their deportment, the ability to be supportive and solution-oriented, behavior towards students, operations, etc.

Take a Tour of the School Facility

If possible then pay a visit to the school facility prior to the booking. You can also book a couple of schools by paying a bare minimal entry fee and select the one you like most for the final booking. Check out their accommodation, classes, halls, food facility, etc., before arriving at the final conclusion.

Analyze Personal Feedback and Previous Reviews

Seal the deal after analyzing the feedback based on the personal observations and reviews of previous guests and students. Reviews can be a great aid in taking a concrete decision about a school. Probe into online and offline both for the best outcome. Just as well, let your ‘gut’ be your guide in the whole process.

Step ahead with dedication in the heart and passion in your soul and graduate as a yogi of the finest skills, wisdom, precision, and confidence.