Smoking cigarettes habits are most commonly followed by several men and women. Most of the people are addicted to this habit. Few of them are smoking cigarettes in high number for a day, and it will make several health issues and one of the main health issues is Hear attack problem.

Work of Heart:

The heart is one of the biggest organs in the human body, it mainly purifies the blood and supplying to whole parts of the body without taking rest. This organ is mainly supplying oxygen and nutrients to the others parts through the two coronary arteries and their branches.

How smoking stops your heart beat?

Smoking cigarettes are made up of the toxic substance Tobacco. In this tobacco contains carbon monoxide. In the cigarettes also contain bad substance nicotine. These two things are mainly affecting the functions of the heart. Yes, the carbon monoxide is reducing the level of the oxygen in the blood, and also it makes the heart to pump very hard, whenever the body needs more oxygen.

Nicotine present in the cigarettes is making the brain and blood circulation into more active for a certain time period, afterward, it will damage the blood vessels by making the clot. It will raise the heart function into harder; sometimes it will stop the whole heart function.

Other health issues related to smoking:

Smoking habits are making some other health issues in the human body. Here I want to mention some of the issues below:

  • It slows down the exercise tolerance.
  • Reduce the level of HDL (good) cholesterol in the blood.
  • Encourage to developing blood cancer, throat cancer, lung cancer, chronic bronchitis, emphysema and chronic asthma.
  • It increases the chances for the diabetes disease.
  • Supports to developing the gum disease and ulcers.
  • It makes the erectile dysfunction disease (Sildenafil citrate is the best solution for ED issue).
  • Smoking habits will affect the health of the next generation.

Benefits of Quitting Smoking Habits:

Quitting smoking habits is not an easy process for several chain smokers. But once they stop smoking, and they will get a huge benefit.

  1. Within eight hours of quitting smoking, will support to increase the oxygen level in the blood.
  2. Within one day of quitting smoking habits will raise the Oxygen levels in the blood, carbon monoxide has left from the blood and the blood pressure drops slightly.
  3. Within two to three months of quitting smoking habits, the smell and taste improve and the lungs clean themselves, so it could help to escape from a cough and mucus problem. The blood circulation function is improved regularly.
  4. Within one year of quitting smoking habits, supports to protect the heart from the several heart-related diseases.
  5. Within six years of quitting smoking habits, supports to save the heart from the coronary heart disease, that means the heart is functioning very well without getting any disturbances.


To quit smoking habits, Chain smoker must be ready in physically, emotionally and mentally. They must also want to quit smoking in their daily life.  If they need more updated details, they must Contact nearest Inter care Medical center & rehabilitation Centre for help.