While we are praising hair transplants all over the world, some women feel sidelined with the procedure. The stigma that hair transplants are ideal for the gents is still roaming around in a majority of women. Another fact is that women who have had hair transplant procedures with the FUT technique are left with a linear scar that is disfavored.

Hair loss affects men and women and out of 50 women, only 5 will have to get a hair transplant procedure to restore their hair. For that matter, many women have resorted to wigs, artificial mesh pieces, PRP therapy and Rogaine to recover their hair.

Hair loss in women is more traumatic than in men not rejecting that males are also stressed by the problem, but the fact that women are more presentable with long hair. The latest platform for women who may not desire hair transplant presents an opportunity to cover the thinning area with mesh pieces that are joined or fixed within the existing hair on the scalp. This move creates a natural appearance and one will enjoy a fuller head of hair.

Hair transplant in India now lights the future of men with alopecia or those who may need hair rejuvenation services. In India, the market for hair transplants is high serving both local and foreign patients. Due to the improved technology and techniques, the trend is hiked by the local and foreign celebrities who have proved hair transplants to be safe washing away the stigma in men.

Specialists in the hair transplant sector have predicted a major increase in hair transplant procedures by 2021 not only for scalp hair but also beard correction. The increasing love for beards is taking men to hair transplant clinics since it is a source of attraction for women. From a given number of studies, it was found that women are more attracted to men with beards and most especially with trendy beards.

Filling of the patchy beards is also a common venture today leave alone the construction procedure. Celebrity beard hair transplants like David Beckham, Bradley Cooper, and Tom Hardy have set a high standard for those interested in beard hair transplants.

Getting natural results like these will require you to find a specialist who will produce realistic results that will enhance your looks. Approximately 2500 hair grafts may be required to fill the beard region from the scalp hairline to the chin. Great artistry is needed from the part of the cosmetic surgeon to properly fix the hair follicles in the right angle and direction. FUE or FUT method may be used in case the hair follicles are to be extracted from the scalp.

We have all seen wonderful results be it from scalp hair transplants or beard hair transplants in patients, but it all flows down to the surgeon involved in the procedure. A hair transplant in Bhopal is a major way of overcoming extreme hair loss in males and women. A good surgeon will deliver the best results, be it in females or men.