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What is a Dental Surgery?

A dental surgery is a collection of multiple numbers of medical procedures which involve modifying the dentition of a patient artificially. In other words, it can also be defined as the surgery of the jaw bones and teeth. A dental surgery can be divided into various types. These types are listed and described as follows:

Types of Dental Surgeries –

  1. Endodontic: it is the surgery in the root or the pulp of the tooth.

This can be of further two types:

  • Root Canal: it consists of dental surgeries namely, pulpotomy (opening of pulp chamber of the tooth to allow drainage of the infected part of the tooth) and pulpectomy (removal of pulp from the pulp chamber to temporarily relieve pain).
  • Apicoectomy: The end of the tooth is removed and the diseased material is surgically extracted to remove the infected part of the tooth by entering through gingival

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  1. Prosthodontics: this involves the application of various dental prosthetics like crown (an artificial covering for the tooth that is made of many types of biochemical materials), bridge (two or more crowns are connected together to replace) , Implant (a titanium plate is fitted into the jaw bone), dentures (sets of false teeth that attach to the jaw by remaining teeth or the gingiva), etc., to name a few.
  2. Orthodontic: these surgeries are those that involve the use of implants and implant prosthetics to work on the bone.
  3. Periodontic: involves the study of the structure of teeth and diseases in them to perform surgeries in the main structure of the tooth.

Need of Professional Care

In the current world of growing cases of dental patients or the patients with dental conditions, it is important for the work to be done very carefully and professionally to give a healthy dental life to the patients.

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