Everyone gets super excited when they think about visiting London – a dream destination for everyone. There is no doubt that London is counted among the best places to live in the world. We all know that there is nothing that could beat the beauty and nightlife of London. It is a diverse city with some of the best sights, activities and attractions. Along with this, London is also quite popular for its cultural heritage, with some most renowned buildings, theatres, galleries, museums and international cuisines. You will see a new restaurant, bar, shopping centre and more at every corner of London. London is amongst world’s top global cities, which is home to many people from different nations. This is why you will find a wide range of cuisines here; from American, Italian, and French to Asian, you will get a taste of every food culture. Let us explore some most popular places near Mansion House.

1. Shakespeare Globe
The globe is accompanied by three interlinked parts. The first one is the Globe Theatre, which is a venue where Shakespeare’s work is performed. The second one is Globe Education that is a forum for educating your generation about the world’s most renowned playwright and making them understand about the context and venue for which the plays were written. The last among these is Shakespeare’s Globe Exhibition, which is dedicated to Shakespeare, his contemporaries, his influence, actors and designers, who contributed to his vision and its audience. It is the most wide-ranging exhibition in the world. If you are a fan of literature then you must visit this.

2. Barbican Theatre
The Barbican Theatre is one part of the Barbican Centre, which is an arts complex. It was first opened in 1982 and the site on which it is build is an area that got flattened during the Blitz. The auditorium consists of a complex seating arrangement, which means that any seat is no more than 65 feet away from the stage so that you get a more personal feeling during the performance. In 1997, the Barbican theatre went through a major renovation. In 2002, The Royal Shakespeare Company ended its affiliation with the Barbican. Now Barbican has become one of the best venues for international theatre. The Barbican art gallery consists of two exhibition spaces that is one open gallery on the first floor and a continuous corridor space above.

Eat best Thai food near Mansion House
Thai cuisine is getting popular in London, UK. If you want to eat Thai food at one of the best restaurants in London then Thai Square Mansion House is the best place to be at. It is situated just opposite the Mansion House Tube Station. Whether you want to attend a small business meeting or you are looking for a tourist spot, or you want to chill out with friends then it is the place to visit. Treat your taste buds with a Thai treat, which is a blend of multiple spices, fresh meat and vegetables. From light snacks like green papaya salad, 3 course meals with massaman curry and a wide variety of sweet dishes, you will find everything here. If you want the best London restaurant deals then Thai Square Mansion House is the best option for you.

There are ample of Thai restaurants in London but what makes Thai Square Mansion House the best is its traditional and elegant ambiance followed by a vibrant interior setting. The restaurant is flooded with exotic Thai artefacts like Buddha and ornate carvings. The dishes that are served here are made by London’s most professional chefs with ingredients that are flown in straight from Thailand. All these things together make Thai Square Mansion house the best Thai restaurant London.