How do you get the best life insurance in Alberta? What makes one product “better” than another? How do you know your carrier is the best one for you? It all depends on something that is unique to you: your risks.

What are insurable risks?

Insurable risks are things that will greatly diminish your ability to enjoy, function in, and afford life if they are catastrophically taken away, such as: the life of a loved one, your limbs, your eyesight, your hearing, your life and your health.

As you can see, these things are very important; you need the best life insurance in Alberta to mitigate the risk of that kind of loss.

How does life insurance mitigate risk?

Loss is always tragic, be it falling ill and not being able to provide financially for your family for several months, or losing a partner or child. No amount of money can replace that loss, but funds from a life insurance policy make that loss easier to manage.

For example, if you cannot work due to an accident or illness, the loss of your health is devastating, but money to pay the bills thanks to a disability or critical illness policy puts food on the table and keeps a roof over your head. If your spouse passes away, that is terrible, but money for final expenses and to keep the family home (or fund a move) while keeping up with bills allows time to properly grieve. You don’t want to grieve while also falling into debt or having to return to work long before you are ready.

What constitutes the best life insurance in Alberta?

Since your risk factors are unique to you, the best life insurance in Alberta is found by first identifying which carriers have products to match your needs, and second, among those carriers, which ones have the level of customer service you desire.

For example, the best life insurance policy in Alberta could easily cover your risks of income loss or developing a critical illness later in life thanks to a family history of ailments. However, if your carrier is hard to get a hold of and causes your claim to be delayed, you face additional – and unnecessary – stress.

Perhaps the carrier is excellent and responsive, but you need a no medical policy, and they focus on fully underwritten health and accident benefits. Well, that policy may be more affordable from a carrier that specializes in hard-to-insure cases.

How can a broker get me the best life insurance in Alberta?

Brokers are freelance insurance advisors that are not hired by any one single carrier. This way they can shop the entire Alberta insurance market on your behalf, and present you with your best option. The best part is, a broker can get you the best life insurance in Alberta because they are truly impartial! They have no quotas from carriers; they are given a commission from a carrier when they sell a policy.

You deserve the best life insurance in Alberta. Work with a broker today to discover which policy, and which carrier is right for you.


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