If you travel very often round the year due to whatever circumstances, you might be tired of paying high airfare prices. It is a major concern for frequent travelers that they spend a lot of money on their airfares than they have to at their hotels.

Especially while booking last minute flights, there is no way that you must have paid a justified price for your air ticket. People who travel quite often are always looking for best domestic flight deals but it isn’t that easy to just get good deals.

A lot of people might even get paranoid at such times. They book their flight in way advance, like one year, to tackle the peak pricing of the airlines. But there is obviously no need to get so paranoid.

Here Are Few Tips That Help You To Get The Best Deal On Flight Bookings:

Timing Is The Key:

As stated earlier, don’t be paranoid by the pricing. A new survey made a revelation you should book your flight ticket precisely 24 weeks prior to the departure. It is the ideal time and you are most likely to get the best price for your ticket during this time. You can definitely avoid the surge pricing if you book during this period.

Booking Day:

The day you book your flight also plays a crucial role in the pricing of your air ticket. You might have always thought that only your departure date was crucial but that isn’t true. Studies have shown that if you book your flight ticket on a Tuesday, you are more likely to get a cheaper price than compared to the other days. The reason for this is low online traffic on booking sites on a Tuesday.

Departure Day:

This goes without saying that your departure day plays a vital role in the pricing of your ticket. The best departure day is said to be Wednesday. The reason for this is pretty obvious since it’s in the middle of the weekdays when most people don’t prefer to travel and most of the seats are empty.

Follow The Airlines And Sign Up For Alerts:

It is important to maintain a good relationship with the airlines if you want to get the lowest airfare on your trip. If you sign up for email alerts from the airlines, chances are that you might get a decent discount once in a while on your air ticket. Sometimes when airlines slash their price by a huge margin, they inform their email subscribers about it first. It’s like a loyalty deal. Also, it doesn’t hurt to follow their pages on social media to always stay in touch as they may make some announcements out there.

Compare Before You Book:

Always remember, before you book your flight on a particular website, make sure you have visited other websites to check the pricing of the same ticket. There can be a difference of a few hundred buck on some websites which is always good. Always browse before you make your final choice.

Book Connecting Flights:

If you travel often, you might know that connecting flights are cheaper than direct flights. They sure take extra time to reach the destination but the prices on connecting flights can vary from 20-50% at times. By booking a connecting flight you can save almost half the money on your airfare. Just make sure that you have enough time to reach your destination that the connecting flight would take.

If you keep in mind these small tips and save a little on each trip, by the end of the year you will realize how it is beneficial for your bank balance. In the long run, you will be able to save a lot of money.

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