There are many companies in Los Angeles that prefer to opt for a design agency to get even a small design project done because they are simply unaware of freelance graphic designers in Los Angeles. They generally search for “graphic designer” on Google and select a design agency from the first page of search results.

If you’re on the same boat, then this is a must-read article for you. Below is the list of reasons and some benefits of hiring a freelance graphic designer.

1. Direct Line of Communication

When you deal with an agency, you have to communicate your design requirements to an Account Manager who then passes the information to the graphic designers. There is more likelihood of misinterpretation in this indirect line of communication that affects the actual implementation and final output.

On the other hand, freelance graphic designers interact directly with their clients, which leave little room for misinterpretation. Freelancers with years of experience have excellent procedures in place to handle client’s expectation and actual implementation.

This gives you confidence as you are passing on your requirements to the person who will be actually working on the project.

2. Speedy Process

When you hire a freelance graphic designer from Los Angeles, you can expect the project to be completed faster than you imagined. There is no chain involved in getting your requirements implemented hence the work is completed faster.

Unlike graphic designers of design agencies who typically work only 5 days a week, the freelancer can work beyond traditional hours to complete the project faster.

3. Preference to Your Project

Every design agency has at least one “flagship” client who is generally more important. It is common practice followed by design agencies to give preference to big clients to maintain good relationships.

Design agencies work with more clients and follow their own rules for prioritizing work. You may never know your $1500 design project has been moved down on the priority list as one of their big clients has approached them with a $10,000 project that needs to be completed on urgent basis.

A freelancer works on fewer projects at a time and is able to dedicate more time and attention to your project. Also, for a freelancer every client is important as keeping the client happy might bring more work in the future.

4. Reduced Cost

On average, a freelancer can offer good services at comparatively lower cost than a design agency. The reason is there are no overhead costs involved such as office space and payment of employees. Majority of the freelancers work from their home and manage all aspects of business by themselves, which allows them to quote less for projects.

5. Get the Right Expertise

When you hire a freelance graphic designer, you have the opportunity to assess his skills and work done in the past by requesting his portfolio. By looking at the portfolio, you can easily determine whether the person has the creative ability to complete your project satisfactorily.


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