When you are targeting the students, you have to meet them at their common places. That’s what happens with hostels and the accommodation services for girl students. Only those services that are close enough to the students get to enjoy the best of profits as the students enjoy the best of service. Women’s approved housing BYUI is one of the best for its strategic location. Leave alone that, everything else including the design and exterior architecture are all in the favor of it.
• Short distance from campus
The campus is just a block away. Students are very much pleased with this feature as it seems they live just in the neighborhoods of the campus compound. It becomes tricky for a young girl to live far away from school with extra expenses of transport being involved. For convenience purposes, most of the students will go for the women’s approved housing where most of their colleagues are housed. The sense of belonging makes life in there exceptional.
• Auditorium and religion building
There is a Taylor religion complex in the neighborhoods. That’s a destination for many who come to carry out their religion practices in the area keeping things lively. A new auditorium for over 1500 guests has also been set up in the nearby area and that too indicates how convenient the area is. If the girls are not in school, then they are in these places that houses regular activities.
• Shopping areas
Students may not be earners but they are spenders too. They got to survive and that means grabbing what they need to survive. With restaurants and shopping places just in the vicinity, students can’t complain. They can get what they want at any time conveniently. A nearby grocery store also supplies the students with home cooking products with the option of home delivery.