Ecommerce is progressively acquiring a popular position among various retailers. Most of the business owners wish to have an online presence that can yield profit from present roar in eCommerce.

As per Statista, in 2017 e-retail sales accounted for 10.2% of whole retail sales across the globe. And, it is anticipated to reach 17.5% by the end of year 2021.

So, you always need to have a unique website that can stand out in conversions and ROIs and many factors can contribute the same
. For e.g, a good design, attractive in-store experience, easy user interface are the focus areas.

With over 2,50,000+ powered eStores, Magento has become a widely used CMS worldwide. It is an open source framework. It offers you a lot of helpful tools, extensions, and plugins to boost your online trade.

Magento has always been the favorite choice of developers as well as merchants. A no. of businesses are already harvesting its benefits and are growing tremendously. Although Magento is a complete package of success still you need to consider different practices to bring its advances in your favor.

Here, we will emphasize on some effectual ways to achieve greater return on investment with Magento web development services.

PSD to Magento Web Services

PSD to Magento is an often heard term when you start setting up your online store. It includes a process of converting a Photoshop document in a real-time design. It allows you to explore a unique way of eCommerce business growth. And, it has become one of the prolific solutions among the online retailers.

PSD to Magento conversion is the smart choice while trying to get a sturdy online presence. With this, you can easily achieve an appealing online store to stand out the competitive industry.

Some benefits involved are,
highly customizable web platform
– cross-browser compatibility
– speed optimization
– an enhanced ranking of your website on different search engines etc.

All these together help you to make your online presence more interesting and profitable.

To meet this, you always need to look for developers who are proficient in programming languages like PHP, HTML, and CSS. A solid grounding on these is a must while opting for PSD to Magento web services.

Magento Theme Development

Choosing a perfect Magento theme for your eCommerce business should be of your extreme consideration. It is simply due to the dependence of a major part of your success on it. An eCommerce theme can be defined as a template that determines the way that your website will look & feel to your audience.

Although, every theme has different styles and layouts that caters to variant needs as per your customers’ preferences. Still, there are some factors that are common to each while selecting one for a successful business store. Responsiveness, ability to customize, cross-browser compatibility, latest technological norms etc. are some examples.

Undoubtedly, Magento offers you a wide range of themes to choose from. Though there is always an option to get a custom theme development. A custom theme development approach helps you to achieve an attractive & responsive website.

Magento 2.x

Magento 2.x is simply an upgrade to its previous version with a world-class eCommerce system. Many retailers have shifted to this considering its various advantages.

Whenever you choose to develop your website, always use improved version of Magento. The reason being it supports both full-page cache and Varnish Cache. It is capable to handle 2.1 million extra page views per hour than Magento 1.x.

Also, you can achieve 50% faster page load speed and 38% faster checkout process. In additions, you will get an ability to handle 117% more orders in an hour as compared to the older version.

Magento web development is covering almost every realm. It offers you many advantages to ensure long-term growth and success. But, all you need to follow is a strategic approach throughout the complete web development process for greater ROIs.