The aluminum in zinc solution enter as beneficial element. Aluminum become an important part in coatings for the product of galvalume steel sheet/coil and galvanized-aluminum. Next CAMELSTEEL will introduce the effect of aluminum in the product of galvalume steel sheet/coil to you.

There’re three aspects for the function of aluminum to galvalume iron roofing products:

1.Aluminum improves adhesion of coatings. The iron aluminum compound layer can play the role of the media, so that the steel substrate and the coating closely together. Therefore, the stamping formability of galvanized metal roofing sheet can be improved and the coating will not fall off during deformation.

2.Aluminum can improve the uniformity of galvanized metal roofing sheet, thus the effect of iron and zinc on the coating is smaller. Meanwhile, the uniformity of coatings may improve the appearance of galvanized products.

3.Aluminum is in favor of removing the float of zincilate. Because aluminum is more lively than iron, so it can replace the iron in the zincilate and form the compound of aluminum and zinc. Finally the float of zincilate is removed.