Summary: Understand how the yoga philosophy can help in finding meaning and purpose in existence and help the practitioner reach their goals with conviction

In this first track world of cutthroat competition, we want what we want right now. Fixation with material things deprives from the joy of experiencing a hard won achievement, be it the swanky car that you want to own after seeing one in your neighbor’s driveway, or the big job promotion that you mean to get by hook or by crook.

As a result, what we have is a string of instant gratifications and trophy objects, the pleasure of which doesn’t last long or enriches us in any meaningful way.

Yoga, the philosophy of uniting at the core with one’s true self and purpose is all about placing the journey before material objects. Instead of following the typical consumerist instinct of buying things, importance is placed upon cultivating a dream and truly earning your way through life. A goal-oriented life with yoga happens through bhavana- the development or visualization of qualities that give your existence meaning, followed by karma- performing ordained action selflessly without thought of gain or reward.

To have determination and the strength to battle the odds on a journey of realizing one’s dreams, an involved practice of yoga is essential. Here are some postures you can start with:

The Warrior Pose 1

Virbhadrasana 1 or the warrior pose 1 is a core strength building posture. With your chest defensively opened, as if asserting your spirit against the forces of the universe contrary to your dreams, this is a greatly empowering posture. The stance commemorates the journey of a spiritual warrior against the greatest enemy of all—avidya or self-ignorance. As you throw open your hands towards the sky, visualize already making connection with the higher dream with your fingertips.

Extended Side Angle Pose

Utthita Parsvakonasana is an involved posture engaging many muscle groups- legs, ankles, groin, chest, lungs, shoulders, spine, and the abdomen. In this posture, meditate upon that specific goal you believe your life so far has been building up towards. The upward extending hand is symbolic of your strong and unbeatable enthusiasm for it. Let more determination flow through your body as you regulate the movements of the extended side angle pose with measured inhalation and exhalation.

Tree Pose

Vriksana is evocative of the stature of a strongly rooted sycamore. The key quality of this yogic stance is the grounded-ness. When riddled with doubts and dilemmas regarding your goal, come to this position and internally ask yourself all the important questions. Imagine the roots of wisdom growing out of your being and reaching deep inside the earth. Let not any distraction stray you from the path. Simultaneously, visualize your outstretched arms bearing luscious green leaves and blossoms. Remind yourself, you are a handiwork of the divine, full of riches to offer up to the universe.

Corpse Pose

Savasana or the supine posture resembling a corpse has a morbid tone to its name. However, the relaxed, lying position is only to call in a deep calm. This is the ideal pose to blot out all other niggling worries for the moment and feel every cell in your body weave into the grand framework of your dream. The deep contemplative state of savasana can be accompanied with thorough pranayama breathing to invigorate positive thought energy.

With the self-determining process of meditation and yoga, your life goals will emerge with more clarity and help you navigate through the ups and downs with courage and conviction.