Choosing a haircut style can be quite a difficult task. However, it need not be once you know your face shape. When talking about face shapes, one of the most difficult face shape to work with is round shape. Guys with round face shapes tend to run out of haircut styles as compared to guys having oval or square face shapes. However, it is quite easy to find some of the best haircut styles for men having round faces. Well, before you get started, it is wise to determine whether you have a round face.

A round face tends not to have prominent angles, but soft features.

Some key points to remember:

  • You are highly advised to avoid certain stylistic elements.
  • The vital part is to add volume, whilst avoiding the bulk
  • By adding volume, it helps to add dimension to the face, thus giving more angles to work with
  • You are highly advised to avoid centre parts, and long hair as this will only add width to your face shape.

Keeping these aspects in mind, mentioned are some of the haircut styles that go well with guys with round faces:

Basic haircut for round face

This is one of the most common haircut styles a person having round face can try. Being the basic haircut style, it gives the essential elements of a style. The idea behind this basic haircut style is to keep the hair shorter on the sides and longer on top. Avoid choosing an undercut as it tends to accent the roundness.

Classic Pompadour

Another hairstyles for men with round faces is Classic Pompadour. It is one of the trendiest haircuts for men with round faces. Tall pompadour is great as they tend to add a volume to the hair, while shorter pompadours work well if you have hair restrictions, like in a workplace.


If you are someone who is looking for an edgy way to add volume to your hair, then you can try adding some spikes. The spiky hairstyle is quite common among the youngsters. It is definitely an attention-grabbing hairstyle. However, not everyone can carry off this haircut style well. As far as spiking is concerned, you can define the spikes the way you want.

Faux Hawks

If you are looking for some adventurous hairstyle, then Faux Hawks is definitely for you. This haircut style works by adding volume and angles to the face. When it comes to getting this haircut, you are highly advised to get it done from an expert hairstylist.

These are some of the common yet trendy haircut styles for men with round faces. Try the one that best meets your face shape.