Nowadays, the phenomenon of frequent problems with the storage of computers or digital devices is becoming more and more pronounced, and the term retrieving data is more common. Especially since hard drives have exceeded 500GB capacity and 1GB USB Sticks, we often hear people reporting incidents that the hard disk drive has failed without warning.

Indeed, things have become particularly dangerous because hard drives now store huge amounts of data, and as before, people are not accustomed to backing up. There are people who keep photos of 15 years on a hard drive and have not stored them anywhere else.

New empirical statistics from computer repair companies shows that about one in three (1/3) hard drives are spoiled within three years of any cause. This of course means that there may be a means and a fault of the user, frequent on-the-go transfers, drops, surges, etc. But the statistic is really scary!

So the solution is … put a backup on your weekly program on an external medium! Take an external disk of any capacity and put your critical files in order to prevent data loss.
My hard drive has crashed Can I save my files?
The answer is that you are likely to be able to retrieve data. But in general, both the costs and the chances you have are not very encouraging.

We are not experimenting!

When a disk or a usb stick fails, you should not first try to “retrieve data” on programs you find on the Internet. These programs are only for when your hard drive has deleted files. They can not help you if the disc has an electronic or mechanical problem. All you can do is increase the damage or even make your disk status irrecoverable.

A computer technician should not take over the job!

If you have such a situation, it is most likely that some computer technician is going to be able to try to do data recovery, but that is not so simple. The truth is that it’s going to experiment with your record. In Greece there are very specific companies dealing with the recovery of data from damaged hard drives and usb and few are certified.

Be careful, because the hard disk is a very sensitive device, if you hear that your technician will send it somewhere, it’s good … if you try to keep your reservations and ask it not to interfere inside the disk.

Note that 50% of the discs that have been dealt with before the technicians are non-recoverable when it arrives at a data recovery lab, as usually any operation on a defective disk can make the disk unrecoverable.

The cost

The cost for such cases is particularly high. Prepare for a few hundred euros … to make the job right. And there, unfortunately, there are no slippers. As with your body, you would not easily trust a practitioner, so with your data, you would not want to try to take action by someone who does not have the proper experience. You want to make sure that it does the best.

With a search on Google for data recovery or anaktisi dedomenon or Data Recovery in Greece, you will find some data recovery companies. Take care of this company that you choose to have experience in the site, a separate page that will explain for data recovery and bring certifications if feasible. The price or free diagnosis depends in such cases.