Apart from all the mystical questions about the afterlife and alien life, there are some questions that are constantly popping in the minds of people around the world- What is the key to a successful marriage? How does a couple maintain their happiness on a daily basis? These questions might not have a definitive universal answer but the premise to it can be similar.

The current generation is too easily bored with things. The divorce rates going higher than ever before at the global level is an evidence of that. During such times, people are starting to wonder whether they can sustain in a life-long relationship with someone. They are starting to question their own loyalty at some level.

This is the age where you can easily find a match on online matrimonial sites but it is vital to know that person well enough. In the end, it all comes down to compatibility. Being happy in a relationship isn’t about how perfect a couple is for each other. It’s about how in spite of being imperfect, both the people see through their differences and learn to love each other. And once you do learn to love each other’s imperfections, things get easier.

It is important to learn that all this just doesn’t happen in a snap. It takes the time to learn about the other person and know them well. You can read a thousand books on relationships but until you try to put an effort into it, it won’t work.

A lot of couples who get separated often say they fell out of love after a particular time period. If you are ever in love, you can’t let impulsive decisions affect your relationship in such a way. Couples need to accept the fact that they are not perfect. The sooner it hits them, the better. After a couple of months into a relationship after the ‘cute-puppy love’ phase concludes, differences start to build up. Now how the couple deals with these differences defines their relationship. Just reading relationship tips isn’t going to help if you don’t address the differences and find your way out of them.

When your love is true, you don’t play mind games with your partner. It isn’t a competition or a race anymore. It’s about lifting each other up and not brining one another down. Do you want to develop a healthy relationship? Start by communicating your true feelings. Stop playing mind games and just be who you are. If your partner constantly keeps telling you about how you should change yourself, they aren’t the one.

Now a happy couple doesn’t mean loving each other 24×7 and always throwing out compliments. No matter how happy you are, fights happen. Problems arise and walls of differences come up. The might even hate each other for a while. But in the end, they ask themselves if such fights are bigger than the bond, the love they have. And walls come down at that instant.

No matter how much they fight, in the end, they both take the fall for each other when they have to. They also don’t let any external factors cause insecurity. They stand with each other and don’t let the outsiders call the shots.

Love, care, intimacy are a regular part of their lives. They can have a shitty day at their offices but they know the moment they are back with each other at the end of the day, everything will be fine. That’s the kind of couple you should thrive to be. You might have the biggest problem in the world but if you have the right partner, you know things will work out eventually.