When it comes to protecting your computer, there is nothing better than Kaspersky antivirus. It is known for removing Trojans, viruses, rootkits and also ensuring that you have safe internet browsing session. The anti-malware feature of the antivirus software is spot on.

All your online transactions and other credentials of your accounts are safe with Kaspersky antivirus. The full version of the antivirus is recommended by users all over the world because it updates frequently and keeps every new kind of virus at bay.

Problems that you need to be aware of

However, just like every other antivirus software, even Kaspersky has its set of glitches which can slow down or completely shut off your computer. Thus, you need to be aware of these problems and also abreast yourself with their solutions so that you can handle the problem without dialling the Kaspersky technical support phone number.

  • If you are using your mail on a regular basis or even surfing the internet every day, then you might not like the feature of antivirus that deals with spam. Many users have found that kaspersky doesn’t help in stopping spam that effectively.
  • The other common problem occurs during installation. If you don’t have a good internet connection at home then there is not point even trying to install the Kaspersky antivirus as you will end up losing valuable information. People generally buy a CD of the entire version and install it so that they don’t lose information related to their files when the internet is not working.
  • Kaspersky sometimes doesn’t tackle PST format files effectively which means that any type of malware can easily get into your system.

In order to deal with these problems, you need to learn a few simple solutions so that you don’t get stuck at any single problem. When it comes to any feature not working, re-install the entire antivirus again.

This will set the problems straight. If you have already tried doing that then you should check the settings of your antivirus. You can manually schedule everything and this will give you control of your computer.

Windows 10 security problems

People who have started using Windows 10 have complained about one thing and that is Window’s inability to allow third party antivirus software to make changes on the system. Windows has blocked the download and installation of third party antivirus software because it is providing an internal defender for the people who are using this OS.

This defender is not equipped to handle all the problems and this could lead to theft of vital information. You should contact the Kaspersky customer care to figure out what you should do if your paid version of the Kaspersky antivirus won’t install or work on the new Windows OS.

They will help you with everything and even for small problems, you can contact them. However, it is better to try and fix it yourself before you call them up as the problem could be minor and not need their attention.