The 1st wedding anniversary is always the most special anniversaries of all. It is the joyous celebration of being married to each other for an entire year. Completing 1 year together is an amazing milestone and the start to your married life. The 1st wedding anniversary is even more special if you and your spouse have not spent much time together before the wedding. It could be that your marriage was arranged or that you only began dating few months before you decided to tie the knot which makes your first wedding anniversary the second most important event in your married life after the day of the wedding. You need to mark this special occasion by doing something extra-special and not just celebrate with an anniversary cake delivery in Patna. Being married for just a year especially if you have not known the other person for a very long time is a bit awkward since you are just getting to know more in detail about each other. Celebrate your first wedding anniversary together and discover each other and your life together. There is no better occasion than your 1st wedding anniversary to completely focus on each other and forget about everything else even if it is just for a day.

Here are a few ideas as to how you can spend and celebrate your first wedding anniversary together with your spouse while eating a special and extravagant anniversary cake:

  • Get to know each other better- obviously you have spent almost a year together and you may have got to know quite a lot about each other but definitely not everything. Talk about everything from your childhood, school and college life, A-Z everything.
  • Take a trip or visit the favorite places of each other together. It could either be a favorite restaurant, café, club anything. It could be one of your most favorite places to hang out, a place that is close to your heart, a park, a shopping mall, anything at all.
  • Eat each other’s favorite foods, desserts and drinks together. Do not forget to eat an amazing cake delivery in Lucknow.
  • Talk about each other’s likes and preferences in terms of each and everything. You could spend the day watching each other’s favorite movies together, watching each other’s favorite TV shows, reading each other’s favorite books or listening to each other’s favorite songs. The best thing to do along with all these activities is eating an awesome and delicious anniversary cake.
  • You could also go through the photo albums and pictures of each other and share those precious memories with each other and talk about them.

  • You could go to the mall and buy a gift for each other and pick out clothes and shoes for each other.
  • You could write down and make a bucket list of all the things that you would like to do together.
  • You could also have a concrete discussion and talk about your future plans and a life ahead together. There is nothing better than being on the same page of how you want to proceed and what kind of life you plan on having and sharing together. Planning and discussing in advance in the very beginning will ensure that both of you are on the same page and there are no conflicting views and opinions later on.
  • You could spend the day together with your very special and the best of friends and introduce of spouse to them. It’s important that your best friends like your spouse otherwise you never know what might happen. Spend the day in good company binging on a great anniversary cake.