We live in a world which is more connected and inter-dependent than it was a few years ago. This has opened up job opportunities in other countries as well. If you are not finding a suitable job in your home country, you can apply to a company having a branch outside country. So to stay relevant on what’s going in the job market, it is necessary to be in touch with the happenings around the world, and the most pertinent way of doing it is through networking, which can help you in numerous ways. Being in touch with people can assist in acquiring knowledge and enhancing your thinking capabilities by getting to know different people and their perspectives. Professional networking is also a good medium for job seekers where they can connect with people who can help them in landing a job.

It can help you connect with the right people

The idea of staying in touch with professional, and academic contacts is to form a network. This type of connection or networking helps in seeking career guidance and fetching assistance in fetching a job. You can build a network of college friends, alumni from your university, present co-workers, bosses and friends. They can give you useful insights on career you want to explore and the job market. They can even advise you in choosing a career and help you build a strong and right resume. So networking is essential to connect with the right people who can help you stumble upon job opportunities or get into a company you wish to work for.

It can reduce the drudgery of a job search

The job market is flooded with candidates trying to land a job. And the number keeps on increasing every year as thousands of graduates enter the workforce. So it makes sense to stay connected with people who can inform you about job openings. Since looking for a job at an individual level involves a lot of effort, there is a possibility of missing an opportunity. Moreover, you are also expected to have a strong resume along with the other prerequisites that are essential before applying for a job. So fulfilling all the requirements at an individual level becomes difficult because most of the candidates are unaware of it. In that case, having a strong professional network can be useful. People in your network with the right experience can guide you through the process that can help you to be prepared for the interview.

It can give you credible insights

Securing a job is not a cakewalk. The process of recruitment is tedious and mandates the candidate to clear several rounds of tests before appearing in front of the interview panel. So having a prior knowledge of the entire process and getting to know the nature of questions that are asked during the interview can enhance a candidate’s chance of converting that opportunity. But for that, a candidate not only needs to network with knowledgeable people, but also be regularly in touch with them.

It can directly get you through the door

Having strong connections can even help you in getting undue favors. Connections with hiring managers of the company that you wish to work for can cut you some slack and give you a direct job offer, provided you must have a strong profile. You may even get an opportunity to appear for an interview just because you know the person. But for that, you have to maintain a cordial relation with that person and must return him/her favors whenever there is an opportunity.

Reports based on a ‘LinkedIn’ survey suggest that almost 70% of the people that were hired in 2016 had a connection in the company. Anecdotal evidence suggests that regular interaction with your networks can open up myriad of job opportunities. So all in all, the importance of career networking cannot be undermined. And having the habit of networking with different people and your acquaintances can be beneficial to you in the long-run.