Bit coin and block chain are the two open source code having the same solution inadvertently a technology on regulated digital currency also known as the crypto currency. It simplifies online transaction of third-party payment and accounting to required and secure way to make the transaction with the crypto currency. The Bit coin transaction is transferred with network enormously It is an underpinning Technology maintaining the ledger.

Bit coin block chain transaction

It is the simplest form of the database comprising of Bit coin transaction records, participating in central networking which has the validity of the transaction and recording the conscientious and the process of mining. Bit coin miners engage themselves in the source full equations which can verify the legitimate transaction. The mining or the’ proof of work’ has certain requirements for time-consuming data which can be easily verified. Daily transaction of block chain always keeps proof of record to show the consensus achievement. These record designs are changed after it has been added to the block chain.

Crypto currency assets

Block chain supporting the Bit coin and the crypto currency is a technology which is adopted and modified by standard of business requirement undefined, there are many categories to separate the Bit coin block chain and the block chain which are designed keeping in view the business development. Crypto currency does not have a broader range of block chain. There are tangible Assets of the food product, cars and the intangible assets of private equity and security. The block chain of every ledger used to track the fraud documents and also the double financing, therefore, it is said to be one of the secured block chains where many diamonds are being kept secured and safe by the block chain.

Blocchain and bitcoin

Anonymity identity

Bit coin thrives to achieve transaction and information of business requirements and to know that the link of a business network with the opposite anonymity in asset custody system is developed by postal savings, financial institutions, asset managers and the Investment Advisors. The advisor and the client deal with the transactions which are related to different clients. Anonymity identity has the potential for transactions across many networks.

Consensus blockchain

Consensus blockchain is achieved through a selective endorsement process controlling the transaction and the business recipient, providing recipient from block chain network for verifying transactions. This is a bit different from Bitcoin because here the whole network is used for verifying all the transactions that are made. The internet has changed the world by the modern technology providing information and greater access to change the world and the people doing business by offering a blockchain, the participants of the business network can cross the blockchain because it benefits numerous business including settling disputes, define transactions reduce time tempering and fraud. The blockchain is one of the best ways which is secure, safe and trustworthy. The blockchain is the best way for business applications and business developer’s newsletters, by joining the community the developers can stay up to date with the exciting and amazing developments of the blockchain.

Differences and fundamentals

Blockchain and Bitcoin are not closely related they are different however when Bitcoin was released as an open source block chain wrapped up the same solution with the first application of blockchain inadvertently misunderstanding the technology with other industries.

Bitcoin is an unregulated digital currency launch with the intention to bypass the government currency control and also the transactions which are made online. Significantly, the fundamental processing intermediate with the third party payment ,which tries to accomplish and try to make secure ways to make the transaction with the cryptocurrency. The transactions of Bitcoin are transferred and distributed to let go in public and anonymously maintaining the transaction of ledger.

Business network

The IBM has established blockchain for business with specific requirements set for the characteristics of the blockchain. Basic necessary knowledge which is required to help build the blockchain. You can build your own blockchain applications in regard to business. In regard to the details of the transaction, there are separate records made which cannot be altered and the transactions are made permanently distributing, and there are also transparency and trust regarding the cryptocurrency applications which are different from blockchain and business solutions.

Cryptocurrencies operate as a consensus mechanism which is computing and significant blockchain business solution computing to algorithm data various whereas placing the strain on the computing enterprise. The blockchain application has hundreds of currently specific cases of Bitcoin which have built for the purpose of blockchains, the insurance company where the majority of operations are focus mainly on insurance policies participate in the business network and so the Technology, regulatory networks and insurance company meet their federal requirements with the blockchain IBM.


There were an important factor and important forces for the Financial Service industry of bit coin and block chain where the block chain technology enable the cryptocurrency and Bitcoin Technology to control the monetary unit and tries to verify all the forms that are being transferred. It is a decentralized transaction of Technology where the participants can confirm transactions by clearing authority transfer of funds and also dealing with many other issues. The decentralized transaction also is the major innovation of Technology participating in transferable assets to the internet without the need for any third party centralized forum.