Friendship day is a celebration of this beautiful relation of friendship. Often life draws different paths for us where our friends cant accompany us and have to part ways physically. But true friendship isn’t about being inseparable, it’s about being separated and nothing changes, and this never-ending bond is what makes friendships so beautiful and our friends a part of our extended family.

Friendships day is the perfect occasion to remember our friends who have unfortunately moved far away from us and also to show them that no matter how far they are, the bond of friendship remains strong. While most people often gift each other on this day and use online gifting platforms to send friendship day gifts for friends or happy friendship day cakes online to their friends, we recommend them to do something different and offbeat this friendship day.

Some of the offbeat friendship day gifts can include:

  1. An Adventurous Day out

If you and your friend are adventure junkies, why not celebrate friendship day with some adrenaline rush? You can go bungee jumping or sky diving or a nature hike with your friend to celebrate this adventure of a relation called friendship. This adventurous day our can be ended by ordering a happy friendship day cakes online.

  1. Arts & Crafts Workshops

Irrespective if you like arts and crafts, an arts and craft session with your best friend can be an amazing bonding session and also a fun-filled one, where you can create new memories with your best friend and these memories and time spent together is the perfect friendship day gifts for friends.

  1. Luxury Spa Treatments

Who wouldn’t love an entire day being pampered getting a relaxing massage, some facials, manicure and pedicure sessions etc? A spa date is an amazing bonding session for you and your friends where you can reminiscence good old days in a stress-free environment with your best friends. A luxury spa date makes an amazing friendship day gifts for friends, especially if they are having stressful jobs or they simply need a break from a monotonous routine.

  1. A Lunch Date

Often due to our hectic lives, we are unable to try out new places and a lunch or dinner date with your best friend is the perfect friendship day gifts for friends who are leading a busy hectic monotonous life. Friends can bond, relive old memories while exploring new cuisines and trying out new places. And what can be a better way than ending a lunch date by ordering a delicious happy friendship day cakes online?

  1. Photoshoots

What can be a better way to celebrate friendship day with your best friend who is a selfie queen? A photoshoot of course. You can get a portfolio clicked with your best friend, create new memories which you can reminiscence in the future. You can hire a photographer, studio or an outdoor location or simply take each other pictures and different locations etc. Don’t forget to click a photograph of the happy friendship day cakes online.


Though all the mentioned ideas are not feasible if your friend is living far in a different city or a different country. In such a case one might just need to contend by sending friendship day gifts for friends by ordering them online or ordering a happy friendship day cakes online and having it delivered to their friends. Don’t forget to make plans to meet soon while wishing and gifting your friends, as creating new memories should never end.