Power quality involves steady voltage flow & frequency within a consistent range. Some electric devices can cause interruptions in flow of current leading in fluctuations. The fluctuation sometimes occurs because of heavy flow of current, which results in Equipment or circuit failure. The problem can also be caused by external sources, maybe at the time of lightning, circuit overloading, or improper wiring. This poor power quality creates hindrance to your business or other important works. This can also lead to overheating of electrical distribution leading to short-circuiting.

Power quality is the togetherness of input & output of the current flow that describes electric power that drives an electrical strain and ability to function in a proper manner. Lack of proper power may lead to malfunction, failure of devices prematurely. The electricity in the form of AC power moves through the wiring system of the end user.

Main reasons for poor power quality are:

Dip in voltage between 10% and 90% due to fault in installation of heavy motors resulting in disconnection & loss of efficiency.

Interruptions due to insulation protection device failure, lightning etc. This may lead to stoppage of all power equipment’s.

Variation of the voltage because of Lightning, switching &disconnection of heavy loads. This could lead in destruction of electronic components.

Harmonic distortions caused due to heavy electric machines generally high-efficiency components. This can result in overloading & overheating the system.

Voltage fluctuations & noise are Though they are not so destructive but can affect home appliances.

Some solutions to overcome this problem are:

Harmonics: The modulation from AC to DC & vice versa requires some sort of converters such as inverter to capture extra flow of voltage. One best solution for this difficulty is Harmonics. Harmonic mitigation cuts down the extra energy of electrical circuit, improving power factor. They are meant to detect any disturbance in the load current. Harmonic filters are known product to meet the current distortion, making it energy efficient. The technological designing for medium to large load networks are highly reliable & cost effective.

Grounding: Grounding is one of the most important of the electrical system, prevents static charges to build up. There is a current carrying conductor which limits the voltage potential of the equipment.

Noise filters: They are used to avoid unwanted voltage signals (noise) from reaching sensitive equipment.

Voltage restorer: It acts like a voltage source connected with the load.

UPS: They are designed to provide continuous power to the load in case of interruptions.

High quality Power availability is mandate in modern society. To avoid the huge losses related to Power problems, there are more solutions to prevent the problems apart from the above solutions.