provide you credit card and is generally provided to high net worth customers by top banks of the world. The main purpose of a premium credit card is actually to provide some discounts and offers to those customers who are big spenders. And it is also most beneficial for customers who are frequent travelers. So, for those who travel several times a year should consider paying the $450 annual fee for some of the additional benefits. If we see this amount is very much high for low spender’s because along with this fee you have to maintain your other charges of premium credit card in the form of repayment to the particular bank. But if see the on the other side of picture that is big traders who are using premium credit card, this amount is not big for them and in return they get many benefits. Here we will discuss the premium credit card of Mashreq bank which is a private bank in Dubai and also an oldest bank in the town. What makes it different from other is its quality services and best perks and benefits that are being offered through premium credit card. Most of the customers either local of expat, are engaged with Mashreq bank and taking the services of premium credit card due to amazing cash back and discounts offers.

Here we will discuss some of the benefits on Mashreq bank premium credit card. When the Premium credit card of Mashreq bank was released in May, it generated such great demand that premium credit card actually ran out of cards and bank has to manage many other cards on urgent basis. The most important point of this card is that if you’re looking to earn the most valuable travel rewards possible for your travel and dining expenses, then it is best suited for you. It offers 3 salaam carats rewards on all travel and dining expenses and most of the time Mashreq bank premium credit card broadly defines travel spending to include such things as taxis, trains, parking, and tolls. Points are earned in the Overall Rewards program and can be transferred to eight airline and four hotel partners and many other gold clubs services. In contrast, other premium credit cards that are being offered by most of the developed countries offer one point per dollar spent on most purchases. So Mashreq bank of Dubai is actually leading the other top banks of the world in this race.

If we see the exact details, we observe that benefits include an AED 300 annual travel statement credit, an AED 100 credit toward the global entry pass and on the membership in the Priority Pass Select lounge network. This is most attractive offers for high net worth customers who are frequent traveler due to their business purposes.  If you travel frequently, then you know very well that an airport lounge is from crowded airports and sometimes we have to face many problems due to huge number of passengers. But you do not worry about this we have a solution for you now here in the form of Mashreq bank. I will tell you mine story that last year luckily I got the service of Mashreq bank when I visited Dubai for my business purpose and I did not knew because I just got this facility because my close friend was insisted me to get this opportunity of Mashreq bank best premium banking in Dubai. Now when on a recent visit to Dubai again when I just got the facility of Abu Dhabi airport lounge as a special customer due to the services of Mashreq bank card, I was amazed. I was treated to food and service that was far beyond what you would expect from most airport lounges. Beside this there were many other facilities in the form of complimentary massage and spa treatments. Now how we can get this facility, this is just a simple process. One have to go on the official website of the Mashreq bank, there you will find an online portal regarding credit card services. And you have your all queries.

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