At Auto-Nerd, we are more than just a broker or a negotiator. We are a friend of yours.  We make it our point to give undivided attention to every single client who comes through our doors.

If you plan on purchasing a new car or a car rental, Auto Nerd – the best car brokers should be your first point of interaction.

But, we are not about just talking big. Our services speak for themselves.

Anyways, if you’re looking a reason as to why you should hire Auto Nerd for your next car buying or rental needs, we will give you 9.

Here they are –

  1. We help people grab the best deal – If you don’t possess the knowledge that goes into car buying, chances are you will end-up with a less than ideal deal. But, our brokers possess that knowledge which is why we help them select from the best models all available at competitive pricing while taking care of customers’ personal needs.
  2. We help save thousands of dollars – Having been in the industry for a considerable amount of time, we know how to use negotiation skills in a healthy manner. We also know how to get a car for less than its wholesale price. In the process, we end-up saving our clients thousands of dollars. Who wouldn’t want that?
  3. No need to deal with pushy salespeople – Everybody knows that salespeople are always pushy. They are trained to talk people into buying things at a highest possible price because that’s how they earn a commission. At auto-nerd, we make sure you don’t have to deal with any of those pushy people who are downright annoying.
  4. We lend industry knowledge and expertise – We don’t just provide a service to our client. We lend them our expertise and industry knowledge which a layman may not possess. If you want to borrow technical knowledge to land the best luxury car dealerships, Auto-Nerd is the place to be.
  5. We do all the legwork – It goes without saying that car buying involves a lot of research and plenty of legwork. You have to narrow down best manufactures, a list of vehicles to pick from, their specs, pricing structure, and then analyze which is the best match as per your requirement. People choose us because we handle all that legwork like a pro.
  6. Our clients get access to an unlimited selection – First-time buyers often limit themselves to only a couple of agencies or dealers. But, when they come to Auto-Nerd, they get exposure to a long list of manufacturers. More choices mean higher chances of getting the best deal and best car.
  7. We take the frustration out of car-buying – As a layman, you can never be sure whether the deal you’re signing for is a good one or not. That lack of certainty always remains there. On top of that dealing with pushy salespeople and trying to get the price down all the while taking care of insurance and paperwork can be frustrating. At Auto-nerd, we do all these things on behalf of our clients so that at no point do they feel frustrated.
  8. We promise fast turnaround – At Auto-Nerd – we’re leading luxury auto brokers. We make sure you don’t have to wait for long before one of the negotiators is assigned to you. We get started on each project that comes our way within minutes to secure the best possible deal.
  9. Money-back guarantee – These are not the only reasons people choose Auto Nerd for their car rental and buying needs. Our services come with a money-back guarantee which means if you don’t feel satisfied with our service, you get your money back. No questions asked!

So, are you also in search of the best car negotiation? Look no further than Auto Nerd.