For globetrotters, visiting new places is fuel for the soul. So, this time tour Costa Rica with us at affordable prices.

“To travel is to live.”

Traveling has been, is, and will always be an experience of pleasant memories and personal upliftment. Now, synthesize the joy of traveling to mesmerizing locations at the pocket-friendly budget, you have got the blueprint of a phenomenal expedition.

Likewise, affordable yoga retreats to Costa Rica makes for an idyllic vacation and traveling experience because of the sheer beauty, thrilling options, and peaceful living.

In Central America lies Costa Rica, a tourist hotspot, filled with golden sandy beaches, thick rainforests, and volcanoes. It’s a mini paradise for the people of both worlds: adventure lovers and beauty admirers. Whether you are fond of nature walks or you wish to journey the world of history, Costa Rica will satiate your every desire.

Due to the cheap living, Costa Rica is becoming one of the most favored destinations of travelers across the globe. On cheap holidays in Costa Rica, visit these charming places worth your attention, money and more.

  1. Puerto Viejo: For the love of water, visit Puerto Viejo de Talamanca. It is a coastal town in Carribean Costa Rica perfect for surfers and backpackers. With so much rain, there is lush greenery coming your way in the form of two gorgeous National Parks–Cahuita and Manzanillo. The Turquoise blue water flowing through your feet, swaying coconut palms and laid back Caribbean atmosphere make Puerto Viejo the perfect destination to unwind and feed the wanderer in you. Affordable yoga holidays in Costa Rica at Puerto Viejo are your chance to have a beautiful and adventure filled holiday.
  1. Cahuita: Along the sprawling southern Carribean Coast and near to the Cahuita National Park is the Cahuita town. The town boasts of warm-cultures, beautiful black sand beaches and tropical greenery ideal for the ones seeking a getaway in a quaint place. Owing to the overwhelming calmness of the place, visiting Cahuita is highly recommended for cheap holidays in Costa Rica for practicing the science of yoga and living a vacation-like experience. The place is also a heaven for food lovers because of its unique Afro-Carribean cuisines.
  1. San Jose: In the heart of Costa Rica is San Jose. San Jose is sacred for every city lover because of its culture, history and infectious aura. Embracing a pleasant and mild climate throughout the year, a chance to explore the San Jose any time of the year is a delight. From exquisite architecture to bustling nightlife, San Jose has on offer a wide variety of options for diverse types of travelers.
  1. Montezuma: When in Costa Rica, it’s hard to resist the beauty of Montezuma. It is a small endearing beach town with natural reserve beaches, islands, waterfalls and more. Montezuma is tucked far away from the chaos in the caress of flora and fauna, highly conducive for yoga practices and quality time with the self.  It may be pint-sized, but there is no dearth of restaurants offering great food and accommodations where you can snuggle and sleep. Montezuma makes for memorable cheap holidays in Costa Rica.
  1. Santa Teresa: At a depth of Nicoya Coast is the Santa Teresa town. The town is more than a beach having a road streamlined with yoga centers, hostels, and eateries.  The place has a chill vibe, calling out individuals from across the globe to relax and practice yoga. Natural beauty is in abundance but you never get tired of lush jungles, beaches, clear water, sunsets and more. Book affordable yoga retreats with yoga centers in Santa Teresa.
  1. Monteverde: If you are a mountain person, Monteverde is your go-to destination. It is the town in a mountainous region of Costa Rica. It is famous for its bio-diverse forests sheltering countless wildlife species. In the cloud forests of Monteverde, sloths, toucans, and kinkajous roam free and wild, adding the thrill.
  1. Manuel Antonio: It is a popular beach destination with white silky sand beaches and blue waters as the main attraction point. A nearby national park offers great hiking opportunities. Visit Manuel Antonio for a holiday brimful of adventure activities, beauty admiring and rejuvenation.

Costa Rica is a peaceful soul of Central America. Visit, explore and live a momentous time.