The mobile phone has changed the life of people by making them to adopt changes in the real world. The rapid growth in the mobile technology paved a way for the advent of applications. The mobile app development has seen good growth and there are lot more things to go with the applications development. The organizations realized that people are focusing their eye towards the mobile app development. So the organizations started to promote their business through the mobile apps.

Some of the basics aspects that are to be considered for the mobile app development are

The demand of clients

Developer’s role in satisfying the clients demand

Platform and Technology

Pricing strategies

The demand of clients: Before approaching the developers, the clients should make a deep study on the requirements of their project. The clients should be sure in their needs and has to analyze the various aspects that contribute towards the development of applications. They have to consider other factors such as platform, cost, and time. They have to be careful and approach the right mobile app development company to get their demands fulfilled.

Developer’s role in satisfying the clients demand: Once a client approaches the mobile app development company it is the role of the developers to en quire and satisfy their demand. Proper planning has to be made and developers have to ensure that the requirements of the clients are understood before developing the application. They have to concentrate even on minute details of the development process.

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Platform and Technology: The clients have to opt the platform that satisfies the demand. The android app development platform is going well in the mobile market and it is also returning huge amount for the investors. So most of the time clients choose to go with the android app development. The developers have to adopt the latest tools and technologies and have to create unique applications for long lasting in the mobile app development market. There are also other platforms such as iPhone, Blackberry, Windows etc., which makes a stiff competition with the android platform.

Pricing strategies: The companies have to charge normal cost for the applications. If there is more technical work applied to the applications then the pricing strategies may vary. The pricing may vary among other companies. Since the android app development requires only a low cost for development process, most of the companies fix normal prices for the applications.