Nowadays obesity is becoming a life-threatening disease and to control the disease the best option is the Bariatric Surgery in India which is done by the highly skilled and experienced Bariatric surgeons. The Bariatric Surgery in India is not a short cut to reduce the weight. This surgery is useful only for those people who had tried other weight loss methods such as gyms, exercise, dieting etc. but every time the lost weight comes back again.


The obesity can cause various lives threatening disease such as type 2 diabetes, heart disease, stroke etc. and it can also destroy the quality life of the person and the person sometimes goes under depression as well which can lead to death. So to fight against all these problems the Bariatric surgeons recommend the Bariatric Surgery in India to these people who are dealing with the severe cause of obesity.

The Bariatric surgeons will perform the Bariatric Surgery in India by using the following procedures:

  1. a) Gastric banding: This is an inflatable band which is placed around the top portion of the stomach and the pouch is created which means if the person eats less he/she will feel full in the stomach.
  2. b) Gastric bypass: This is a procedure which is most commonly used by the Bariatric surgeons as it involves the re-routing of the digestive system in order to suppress the hunger.
  3. c) Sleeve gastrostomy: This is the procedure where patient stomach can be removed by 80-85% to create a smaller pouch. The amount of food which is consumed by the patient regularly has been reduced in this procedure.

Before any of the patient plan for the Bariatric Surgery in India, the Bariatric surgeons advise them to go for several tests so that they can determine the patient’s health whether the Bariatric Surgery in India is suitable for them or not. In case if the patient is dealing with hypertension, diabetes, heart problems etc. which means the Bariatric Surgery in India is not suitable for them until their present condition is treated.

According to study, if the patient body mass index is above 32.5 that means they are dealing with the fatty liver, in such cases also the Bariatric surgeons will not recommend the Bariatric Surgery in India until the fatty content is reduced from the liver.

The best Bariatric surgeons will always suggest the patient go for the proper testing before they begin their Bariatric Surgery in India because for them money is not important in front of one’s life. So be aware while choosing the Bariatric surgeons as it is very important for the health of the patient to choose the right Bariatric surgeons in India for their obesity surgery.

The Bariatric Surgery Cost in India is not very expensive if you compare this surgery with any other country where people spend around USD 10000 to USD 15000, however, India is a country which charges very less for the Bariatric Surgery in Delhi which is ranges between USD 4000 to USD 6500 only.

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