Guaranteed loans by their very name indicate approvals are in your pocket. But this does not mean anyone can qualify. At the very least, they will have to bear unconventional conditions. Applying for bad credit car loans guaranteed approval may seem a godsend and you could even do it. Just realize what exactly you are doing.

Guaranteed Approval Car Loans for Buyers with Bad Credit

Getting stuck with less than perfect scores does not mean auto loan approvals will temporarily stop coming your way. Rack your brains a little and look online for some options. If repeated rejection and dejection has dogged your recent past, it is time to turn to bad credit car loans guaranteed approval. You can apply with hope and look forward to owning a car finally. But how do you get the auto loan? Guaranteed car loans will come to your rescue if you are prepared. Be prepared when opportunity knocks. Naturally, you will have look beyond the traditional banks and financial institutions. Credit Unions may not be willing to consider you as a borrower either.

The options open to you are more in a line of private lenders, dealers, online auto financing companies, etc. However, be prepared to handle the following things with a firm mind.

Down Payment

If you have enough cash reserve thru whatever reasons but not borrowed, you can use a large down payment in your favor. A significant money down amount allows car buyers to level with lender and dealers. They will be more agreeable to approve your desired loan. Otherwise, you are still likely to face a problem. Reduce your risk for the lenders with significant money down and drive away with your bad credit auto loans guaranteed approval. You will become less of a risk by doing so.


In the beginning, you cannot afford to be selective. You will approach every probable dealer and manufacturer. There are many auto loan programs out there for people like you that make it possible to drive a car. Checking out all options is good because you never know which lender may be willing to work with you.


Do not be afraid or lazy with documentation and declarations. Lender dealers want to confirm you can afford your monthly car payments. Once you get over this hurdle, an auto loan with bad credit guaranteed approval is as good as yours. Pay stubs, credit reports, financial papers, tax clearances and other documents become important to confirm your financial standing.

If you have filed for bankruptcy, lenders need a permission letter from the court-appointed trustee.

Interest rates

Sometimes you can influence interest rates despite bad credit. A high down payment will help you lower interest rates to acceptable levels. This is important to decide the cost of your auto loan. No sense ending up paying through the nose for the privilege of driving a vehicle. Negotiations help to prevent lenders taking advantage and make you pay more.


If you are looking for private party car loan make sure what you are letting yourself in for. These loans have become more common due to increased use of online resources like the social media. Assets other than the car can be used as collateral to get guaranteed approval.

All is not lost and you can hold on to your hope. Get assured car financing that is hassle free if you follow all the requirements carefully.