Going on the road around Big Mountain, Vung Tau City, from a distance we can see a white building rising from the deep blue of the forest, which is the roof of a famous mansion in Ba Ria – Vung Tau, Bach Dinh. Bach Dinh is located on the south side of Mount Lon, 27 meters above sea level, surrounded by dense forest, colorful European architecture in the late nineteenth century. Guests arriving in Vung Tau City.
This place attracts tourists with visa to Vietnam not only for beautiful architecture but also because of the presence of many kings in the late Nguyen dynasty of Vietnam and many Indochinese governors here. White Palace was built on the foundation of Phuoc Thang Fort established by King Minh Mang to serve as the resort for Indochinese Governor General. The palace began construction in 1898, until the 20th century was completed (1901 Bach Dinh finished). The Palace has a French name to it, set by Governor General Paul Doumer, the French name is Villa Blanche, and the people here call it Whitey, because of its striking white color in the woods.
The founder of the building and named for Pauline is Paul Doumer, but the first to enjoy the fresh air, this fresh air is second largest Governor Paul Beau. Then, from 1907 to 1916, this place was the detention of King Thanh Thai, the 10th king of the Nguyen Dynasty, whose radical thought, anti-French spirit is very high. He stayed here long before being taken to the French island of Reunion by the French colonialists, so this palace is also known as Dinh Ong Thuong. Next, the white lacquered resort of other Indochinese governors until 1934, it is the resort of King Bao Dai – the last king of Vietnam. Instead of a lot of life, associated with the ups and downs of the war against French colonialism, Bach Dinh brought with it important cultural and historical value, so in 1992, National level.
Visitors to Bach Dinh, can ride from the foot of the mountain along the path winding through the woods to the mansion or can also walk over more than hundred steps between the two ancient porcelains of ancient porcelain, big. To hit the face of the first visitors is the imposing, grandiose elegance of Bach Dinh, this palace is about 19m high, built into 3 floors, and the basement below. On the pure white walls of the mansion there are attached stone statues bearing the color of ancient Greek sculpture. In the first place, on the ground floor, this floor is decorated with precious old-fashioned objects such as the Jade statue, the royal palace of the reign of Khai Dinh, Loc Tho, this is where guests. Upstairs through the staircase decorated with fancy motifs, this is the floor with a cool space, from here can zoom out to see the beautiful landscape of Vung Tau. Rooms are decorated elegantly, luxurious white, cream is the main, the style is French style. Men follow the flower path down the basement, see the cooking space. In addition, there are many antiques and artifacts in Bach Dinh inside of the pagoda, picked up from a canal ship outside Hon Cau – Con Dao, dating from the time of Kangxi, the cannon… These ancient artifacts Ancient beauty, magnificent for the White Palace and will satisfy your curiosity, love your antiques.