Dubai is one of the top cities for expatriates to live in. It offers countless opportunities for career development, education, and housing?—?and new visa regulations that have been introduced in the past year are expected to make settling into the country a more seamless experience. However, it can be a challenge to live here, and there are many ways you can run into financial difficulty as an expat in Dubai.

Without a proper long-term plan for your savings and investment in mind, it is all too easy to fall into a sense of complacency. The emirate is home to a wide array of wonders?—?it’s got the world’s tallest building (Burj Khalifa), the world’s tallest hotel (Gevora Hotel), the world’s largest theme park (IMG Worlds), and the world’s biggest mall (Dubai Mall). Also, it is the place many expats first experience complete independence.

That is why it is important to invest in financial training in Dubai to ensure that you keep yourself afloat. In order to maximize your stay here, you need to have a solid saving and investments plan that you have tailored according to your style as an investor and spender.

There are many places you can get training from in the country, but ideally it should be convenient, affordable, and trustworthy so it does not add to the stress of your everyday life.

CityTA Dubai?—?short for CityTraining Academy Dubai?—?offers a wide variety of financial training courses. Here’s a quick snapshot of what they currently have:

1. Stock market training courses for all levels: Investing in the stock market is a wise choice?—?historically, they have provided the highest potential in returns. Despite ups and downs in the market, the US stocks has consistently earned more than investment-grade bonds. This can be a good choice of investment for long-term plans, and CityTA Dubai has a wide range of courses specifically for this subject.

2.Cryptocurrency seminars: Digital currency has taken the world by storm?—?and regardless of which direction it will develop in, it is clear that it will permanently leave an impact on the way we conduct financial services. City Training Academy Dubai has primers on the basics of crypto as well as small seminars on how to invest in it while minimizing your risk of losing your investments to the market’s volatility.

3.Foreign exchange lessons: Investing in foreign exchange is a good way of diversifying your portfolio. It is also believed to have a more level playing field than other investments. To get you started off on the right foot, City Training Academy Dubai can teach you the basics as well as the advanced techniques involved in planning a forex investment strategy.

The Academy was formed as a result of their passion to educate as well as their personal experiences as expatriates. You can expect that beyond their expertise as financial trainers, they can also help you navigate your life here in the country.