Walking in all style with finger nails all dolled up is a dream of any fashionista. While the fashion capital of the world, London, has the best nail parlours and it offers you services that are hard to find in other parts of the world, still you need some help to keep your manicure intact for a long time. The manicure is really hard, if not impossible, to keep in shape after a week. So, we have created a list to help you stay forever stylish during your cat walks through city’s lane. Read on to find how you can take good care of your manicured nails and make their visual appeal last longer than the usual.

1. Avoid Hot Water for At Least 12 Hours
Your nails might look all dry and ready to flaunt, but wait as there is something more to the story. Even though the nails feel dry to touch, your nail paint can even take as long as 12 hours to fully harden. The heat from hot water can interfere with the drying process and can even result in cracking and smudging your nail polish. Just make a mental note after your manicure session, to use only cold water for at least next 12 hours.

2. Apply Top Coat Regularly
After your manicure, keep applying the layer of topcoat every two to three days. This would not only prevent chipping, but will also give your nails a shine boost. It is best to apply the top coat across the free edge, the part of the nail which is clipped. This alone can double up the life of your manicure. This little trick is also helpful in protecting the nails from water that can otherwise cause polish to chip.

3. Avoid Humid Areas
Humidity is not a friend of your beautiful manicured nails. Humid surroundings can seriously ruin your nail game, making your bare nails hideously emerge through the cracking nail paint. If it is an extra humid day or you have to work in water, do not be surprised, if you get a dent in your nails. It is best to avoid these tasks and keep your nails covered with gloves.

4. Avoid Matte Nail Paint
While you go to your nail salon London, it is best to not get your nails painted in matte finish. Matte nail paints get chipped off more easily and quickly than the regular ones.

5. Be Cautious During Daily Chores
It is absolutely impossible to avoid daily chores. Whether it is washing clothes, dishes or just doing dusting, it all takes toll on your smoothly painted nails. Wear gloves as much as possible, while you are completing your daily chores. It is even better to apply a thin coat of petroleum jelly over your nails. And, do not use harsh cleaning chemicals; it is the fastest way to sabotage your manicure. Use only a mild soap, avoid hand sanitizers too.

6. Use Nail Oil
This is an easy way to get your manicure last longer than usual. Application of nail oil throughout the week can do wonders for the life of manicure. Brittle nails are prone to get chipped more quickly than the moisturized ones. More the dryness in your nails and cuticles, more are the chances for them to break or tear away. Nail oil keeps them hydrated, thereby preventing them from drying out and splitting, while naturally increasing their life.

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