Are you gearing up to launch a distinctive digital portal of own business? Well, kudos to you for recognizing the time’s flavor and upholding own brand at a platform availed by around 90% of world’s most potential customers.

Nevertheless, here comes up one aspect to be attentive towards. That is the ‘quality’ and texture of design your site gets arrayed with.

Remember, just like effective digital marketing tools are vital for compelling customers arrive to you, one real-time smart, but easy and mind-pleasing User Interface (UI) of site is a ‘must’ to make them ‘stay’ there and get attached with you.

And, it is solely through the serviceability of professional website design that you can gain such an UI, which increases your portal’s user engagement and scales up the scope of conversion for your brand.

In fact, as depict the veteran designers of Vision Web Creations, a website’s design ‘matters’ to every visiting ‘netizen’ to the extent that –

  1. For 95% of consumers the domain’s ‘first look’ is a prime criterion to judge the parent brand’s ‘X-factor’
  2. If the UI does not appeal to their minds, then more than 89% of consumers are less likely to return to your site
  3. 40% of ‘netizens’ will no more engage with the brand, when its portal’s lay-out or graphics fail to impress them
  4. Proven by studies, a website’s conversion graph experiences as much as 400% of ‘rise’ purely via a fittingly designed UI
  5. As claimed by all prestigious website design services singapore, for around 99% of virtual shoppers, one full-fledged and positive User Experience (UX) accomplished from the UI stands as the foremost factor to decide whether or not they will communicate with the commerce
  6. Enriching your portal’s UI and consequent UX through good-enough investment brings back a ROI by the pace of $100 upon every dollar invested
  7. By 2020, serving with fine-standard digital UX will prevail as the most significant factor for your business’s overall success outweighing the worthiness of product quality and price feasibility

Therein, to cherish each quotient of success, the World Wide Web is potent to endow your business with, opting for professional website design comes up as a ground-rule for you to fulfill.

But, Do Not Be Ignorant.

You are the ultimate well-wisher of your business and its digital identity, right? Likewise, any fluctuation or ‘hike’ happening over that spectrum will entail its top-most effect over you only – isn’t that so?

Depending upon this reality, it comes as an indispensable requisite for you to be aware over ‘what must not to include’ more than ‘which features should be there’, while discussing with design firms about own site’s design blue-print.

And, thus guarantee that no chance error diminishes the inherent appeal of your site and consequent scope of acquiring prospective purchasers.

Curious to know about those vital ‘Must Not-s? Pay attention to the 5 distinctive aspects upheld by international experts and prominent website design services Singapore as well to this end –

Those 5 Fitting Nays

No or Minimum Inclusion of Flash

In the perspective of a prestigious website design agency Singapore, until yours is a video-only domain, usage of flash is most disturbing for site’s design quality since –

  • Google is not much in admiration of Flash websites and refutes it as a standard while determining portals’ search engine ranking
  • The Flash feature gives your web infrastructure an unnecessarily complex and unpredictable ‘profile’, which, in consequence makes navigation optimally complex for the ‘netizens’
  • Flash-based portals are more vulnerable over becoming corrupt
  • Such domains refuse to be ‘responsive’ over all devices and browsers – often urging the user to download a Flash player and thereupon view it

Not Substituting Text Content with its Graphical Counterpart

Learn that Google determines the suitability of your domain against a definite search principally by skimming through the uploaded textual content.

And over 75% of the quality traffic (people with a real-time interest over your brand) arriving to the site are keen to know about your USP through text pieces perfectly highlighted or bulleted.

Moreover, once your portal goes online, the job of fine-tuning it with Google’s search engine norms or, more officially, the task of on-page SEO gets over 50% ‘done’, when the designing framework includes more of relevant and crisp ‘live’ texts in place of images.

So, Adopting a ‘Devoid of Texts’ Designing Strategy Results In:

  1. Getting completely overlooked by Google as it structures its Search Result Page with most appropriate websites
  2. Not being able to retain the actually potential consumers
  3. Falling short over a live site’s optimization task and allowing competitors to have an edge over you
  4. Becoming more vulnerable over experiencing an increased bounce rate

Deviate from the Usage of Motion Sliders

In accordance to a survey conducted by a pro website design agency Singapore, online consumers have a ready habit of overlooking the ‘moving’ sliders appearing at your home and other landing pages’ sidebar – thinking them to be ‘lame’ like those ‘pop-up’ ads.

In fact, sliders receive only 1% of clicks from the traffic and around 86% of the ‘netizens’ are prone to ‘hit’ over your static product display as a first action upon landing.

Such a scenario, in turn, gives rise to the risk of customers being ignorant to those sliders, which comprise of your important contact information or mind-appealing offers.

This became the case with a famous electronic brand, whose most attractive 100% Cash-back Offer got unnoticed by the quality traffic simply because it was presented in the ‘Slider’ style.

Thereupon, rejecting the age-old but ever-effective way of showcasing merchandise details and other vital brand data in a brochure maneuver (inclusive of own contact info or Call-to-Action button) and choosing a moving ‘swag’ does not appear much of a wise design decision.

Do Not Use Fonts Less than 16Px as

  1. Modern-day ‘netizens’ dedicate as much as 10 seconds to scan through your site’s content
  2. Even by interested readers only 30% of your web content are explored and they do not hold the patience to understand tiny fonts
  3. Anything less than the ‘16’ benchmark turns the upload pieces un-interpretable over gizmos other than PCS and makes you less preferable to the 90% of the web traffic prevailing at the mobile platform
  4. Smaller body fonts urge your consumers to squint their eyes that, in effect, heightens the probability of they never returning
  5. Low-sized headline fonts remain unnoticed to Google’s crawl bots and decrease your chance of being ‘relevant’ to the search engine


As a Fundamental Rule Prevent from Exaggerating by

  1. Not using mobile menus and metaphor terms for categories
  2. Ruling out too much of graphics ‘netizens’ find difficult to take in
  3. Not choosing the option of auto music play at the site background

Ensuring that ‘Contact Us’ or the location map is just one click to access and not overshadowed by other information