We fall in love, we marry, we raise a family, we get buy with our respective lives, and we fall out of love. This is quite a normal way our lives unfold but is this right? Couples often complain that their respective partners are too busy in their careers or other things of interest that love sometimes take a backseat. In the long run, this leads to two known strangers living under one roof, or even worse, breaking down of a marriage.

This is where noticing things and stepping up to re-order them in time comes and helps. One of the successful ways to keep the spark alive is by going to far-off, peaceful locations and spending time in the company of each other. Couple yoga also helps a great deal for people undergoing major setbacks in their married lives.

Taking time out from busy schedules and booking yoga holidays in romantic gateways (which we discuss in this blog-post) helps one focus on health, each other, as well as the relationship.

Importance of Such Breaks for Couples

  • Helps in the construction of trust.
  • Increases intimacy levels.
  • Improves communication.
  • Helps build support.
  • Helps to be emotionally-available for the partner.

Here’s where all a couple can head to for their yoga retreat full of romance:


A group of around 700 islands, Bahamas attracts numerous travelers from across the globe every year. Its luxurious accommodations and various adventure options have given rise to many royals too.

For couples wishing to soak in some bliss and enjoy a Caribbean vacation, the expansive beaches of Bahamas provide just the right atmosphere. The pristine beaches offer peace where the couple can meditate and grow strong as individuals as well as together.


Getting in touch with nature is the most humble way to get in touch with oneself. Nicaragua offers a lot of chances for one to connect with nature. For couples seeking respite from their daily affairs, there’s a lot to explore together in Nicaragua.

A combination of natural beauty and warm people, this place with its numerous yoga retreats helps couples connect with each other on a deeper level.

Costa Rica

Walking through the cacao forest holding the hands of the SO is romantic at so many levels. It helps people connect with nature, connect with oneself, and connect with each other too. The warmth this place offers fills the heart with a feeling of affection for the partner and this is quite uplifting for couples.

The natural beauty is found in abundance in Costa Rica. Couples can head to this place for some time away from the cacophony of their daily lives and spend some time in the company of each other amidst the magic of nature.


From sunrise to sunset and everything in between, there’s a lot a couple can connect with each other on and rekindle their love-life while in Mexico. Combining yoga with this tour helps the couple reflect onto their shortcomings so they can work on them together and come out stronger than ever.

This is a perfect place for honeymooners as well as for couples married years ago looking to re-ignite the spark.


While Scottsdale is known the world over for its shopping malls, resorts, and night-life, there’s more to it – more for couples looking forward to wellness holidays together. Apart from basic yoga retreats for couples, there are spiritual yoga retreats as well as hiking yoga retreats couples can benefit from.

These yoga retreats are organized in such a way that the couple gets maximum time with each other and let the love blossom again.

It is time couples visited one of these romantic yoga destinations for couples and made way for romance hitting back in their lives.