Too much, too little, in the wrong places: In terms of perfume, you can do a lot of things wrong. We call the most common errors

Not only is the choice of the right fragrance a challenge. (Which suits you, we will tell you here .) Once the right perfume has been found, it is not done with it. As the scent is applied, it decides whether it will set the desired accent, fly back immediately, or become an intrusive harassment. Avoid these common errors:

  1. Do not rub the perfume

It is the classic: one sprays two spray strokes on the wrists and then rubs them together. But this is a mistake, because evaporation is accelerated by rubbing. Thus, the fragrances, instead of settling on the skin. The fragrance is therefore significantly shorter.

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  1. Apply the perfume in the right places

Do not spray indiscriminately, but apply the scent to your wrists, neck and décolleté. At these points, the perfume can have a particularly good effect. D hrough gesturing  to the smell of the hands spread out. The application in the cleavage and neck ensures a pleasant sillage, so the fragrance, which blows it around. Also, be sure to allow the appropriate places to dry and not to cover clothing too early.

  1. be careful with the crowd

A fragrance should leave a positive impression. If it is too good when applied with the amount, the fragrance quickly becomes a penetrating smell. Do yourself and your environment a favor and prefer less than more.

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  1. Do not use the perfume on dry skin

Dry skin removes the moisture from the perfume. However, this is the main reason why the fragrance can develop. Pamper your skin regularly, for example with a nourishing lotion.

  1. Use a perfumed Body lotion

So that the fragrance of your perfume does not “bite” with your body lotion, you should use a perfumed or odor- likes moisture care. Alternatively, you can take a product from the perfume series. Many manufacturers also offer suitable care products in addition to the perfume.