The modern system of education does not improve people, but creates some fictional characters with little human content, “electronic people”, whose behavior is controlled by memory chips.

When I look at people who are the object of universal admiration, then there is a feeling that they are all just holographic projections of a stereotypical smile and empty glance, a victim of civilization that brings confusion to their minds and takes away the soul.

The main problem of education is that it is not aimed at developing in people the best that should exist in a person, since its main goal is to achieve the conformity of those who study, to society and culture.

It is about socializing people so that they strictly observe the prohibitions and instructions that are part of the culture to which they belong and the formation of specialized professionals useful to society from them

Good doctors, architects, engineers, lawyers support the work of the system. But if you understand, they lack human qualities, because they, like everyone else, received a limited education based on memorization, which does not develop consciousness, because it is based solely on the principle of “possessing” and completely ignores the principle of “being.”

The education of the child begins with the parents. A mad father will give his son the same madness, creating a vicious circle, which is very difficult to break, as everything will repeat in subsequent generations.

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Too often, parents are “bad parents” not because they do not like their offspring, but because they do not know how to bring them up. It is in the family cell that moral rules are formed, good or bad, depending on the behavior of the parents. It is obvious that the thief’s son will not see anything strange and unusual in theft.

The main mistakes and shortcomings of our education are as follows:

Education is not individual: everyone is equated to a single standard.

It does not teach to overcome the level of subliminal perception, so that a person can be trained correctly, that is, without restrictions, since the teachers themselves do not know this.

Training is purely informational in nature and is aimed at memorizing. The only goal is to program the learner, and not teach him to think deeply.

Do not teach to develop character and will.

It is built on the erroneous scheme of relations “teacher-student”. The teacher should not teach, as it usually does, but encourage the student to learn independently, using the teacher’s information.

Do not teach how to know yourself, to discover and develop your own individuality.

Traditional education sets mental boundaries, narrowing the student’s opportunities only by what is inside them.

The psychological problems that can hamper learning are not given due attention. Many students carefully hide them in order to avoid ridicule and criticism. Often the most vulnerable are forced to sacrifice their giftedness in order to somehow adapt themselves to a group consisting of mediocrities.

The huge problem of learning lies in the discouraging absence of really effective teaching methods, where understanding would be higher than memorization.

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