With every session, one perceives the transformation, in and out, as yoga leaves you in a blissful state of mind. When aspirants think of turning to the yoga mat, they already have taken a step towards a life of wellness. Yoga diminishes the physical suffering, brings a certain degree of clarity to the mind, and harmonizes the soul. All the magic of the mystical art lies on how you practice and carry the session, and if anything not done in the right way, it ruins the essence of the practice.

Every practitioner commits certain mistakes which are common and should be avoided, even while practicing under the guidance of an expert at yoga classes in Delhi or anywhere else. These mistakes need to be avoided or corrected, and to do so, we are mentioning down the five common mistakes yoga practitioners commit.

#Mistake 1- Comparing yourself with others

Yoga is not a race to win; yoga is a way of living and that needs to be performed regularly. Whether a novice or an advanced yogi, at a point every practitioner do compare them with others and feel disheartened. This is one of the common mistake yoga practitioners do. Remember yoga is the practice that needs time and steadiness to grow. So, instead of comparing yourself with fellow yogis, work on sharpening the yogic skills.

#Mistake 2- Setting unrealistic expectations

It is a common natural phenomenon that we all set some unrealistic expectations from ourselves and everything around. And when it comes to yoga, the aspect is common, especially during the beginning days. The beginner level yogi tends to overestimate their progress and starts expecting too much, which is not right for the longer run. During certain situations, they won’t be able to meet the expectations or overexert their bodies, and that result in disappointment or avoidance of the practice. In order to achieve success in the yogic path, you’re being advised to set a realistic expectation and grow gradually.

#Mistake 3- Making random choice of asanas

Yoga is about the flow whether it is about performing the asanas or practicing the breathing techniques. You feel the energy flow within and gain more prominence during the practice. Many practitioners fail to understand the fact that instead of performing random poses or other techniques, one should create a structured practice. Yoga needs to be practiced in a sequence that includes a particular yoga type, series of asanas, breathing exercises, stretches, meditation, etc. So it is required to choose an apt yoga style as per your personality and then begin the yogic voyage.

#Mistake 4- Delaying taking the Next Step

Yoga is a lifelong practice, and you grow as you remain steady towards it. But once you get familiar with the holistic art at the basic level, you need to take the next step to get professional and rooted knowledge of the ancient science. Start with home practice, hire a teacher or enroll in a yoga studio to learn yoga in a proper environment, and then take a step higher with yoga teacher training in Gurgaon or anywhere else. As a beginner, enroll for 200 Hour training and then go for advanced training with 300 Hour training. Learning never stops and the same applies to the yogic practice. So, do keep learning and practicing to be an evolved practitioner or an eminent teacher.

#Mistake 5- Not being sincere with the practice

As mentioned, yoga is a lifetime practice and the regular you’re, the better will your life be. But there are some practitioners who don’t dwell on the concept and start taking the practice not so seriously. Whether a yoga teacher or someone juggling with busy schedules or fulfilling personal and professional commitments, it is advised to every yogi that never compromise on the self-practice and do it daily.

Yoga is surely a transformative expedition that makes your lifestyle better, but needs your commitment and passion. So keep practicing and relishing yoga’s amazing benefits of life and health.