Among many things that companies try to make their website rank high on the search engines, SEO is one of the most oldest and trusted ways to achieve this. Organic SEO can result in high ranking that is durable and can stand the test of time. But not all companies go for SEO as there are many misconceptions among common people. In this blog I will try to shed some light on 5 aspects that will clarify that what SEO is all about and how it can benefit companies especially startups and SMEs.

1. SEO is Not worth Much

This is among the most common misconception people have about the field of SEO. They argue that in the age of direct and paid marketing tactics, SEO can’t pay much dividend as compared to other strategies. That’s totally false as intent based search generates the highest returns in both time and investment. The fact that new search engines and search formats are introduced is a testament to the fact that SEO is well and truly alive and will continue to play a vital part in websites ranking on all the prominent and famous search engines.

2. Universal Formula

Another misunderstanding about SEO is that it is a one trick pony and SEO company apply a universal formula for all the customers they have regardless of their need/requirement. There are hundreds of tactics available in SEO with unique combinations for every country, region, location, category, customer segment, etc. There is one size fits all solution for all the companies and industries. That’s why the SEO tactic for McDonald’s is in stark different with a SEO strategy for M&Ms.

3. Expectations and Reality

People often confuse social media with search engine and think of getting results quickly in their favor. Yes, through black hat SEO this can be achieved but your website could be hit hard if Google finds out about your practice. And it is doing so aggressively during the last 2-3 years. All your links will be disallowed and will eventually die resulting in a death sentence for your website and effectively your business too. That’s why always stick to the fair practice of SEO which is a gradual process which results in long-term ranking for your website.

4. Devaluing Meta Tags

Many companies asking for a website SEO don’t value Meta Tags much or try to write the information in plain English. This can add up as a real mess for the SEO person and the cleanup can take several days. A Meta tag is essentially your site speaking up to the webmaster about what the site is all about and its content details. The webmaster isn’t a human being so it understand HTML only. That’s why a Meta tag in HTML only is feasible and can bring good results for your website.

5. Thinking of Google Hummingbird as an Evil Thing

Google Hummingbird was just another update regarding the search engine practice and the way all the sites are optimized to rank high on Google. It’s just an algorithm which changes after a period better known only to the people at Google. The algorithm change focuses on search intent instead of search terms. And keywords are still appearing on the front page even after the update.

The content should not only reflect the keywords from an initial search perspective but your content should reflect the logical and emotional reasons behind the search. Content should speak to people unaware of your product category, unaware of your company but aware of the product category. If you are unable to get this aspect right, it’s high time you need the services of professionals in this concern.

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