Summary: Know about some great benefits your kids can have from practicing yoga dedicatedly and starting at an early stage.

From the tinted glasses of adult life, the days of childhood are the sweetest. But even a child has its burden. Children placed in the cutthroat world of modern day are plagued with problems more than one. There is the silvery invitation of swanky material things from behind the showcase of shops. Consumerism gently eats into the child’s brain and corrodes from the inside. Unsettling distractions, overwhelming temptations, overstimulation, and peer pressure originating from the conditions of modern life are enough to set a negative impact in a child’s psyche. This is where yoga comes handy as a low-cost tool for dispelling the negative impact and propel the child towards higher, more meaningful goals.

If you want to impart knowledge and power to your child, lead her on a path of wholeness and wellbeing; give her the gift of yoga. Here is how the discipline is going to benefit:

Be More Mindful with Breath Awareness

In the yoga of finding mind-body harmony, breath is the key. Considered the medium of life force in a being, breath is of immense significance in yoga. To concentrate upon how the gasp of air seeps in with inhalation, oxygenates and passes out of the body, carrying all impurities with it is a practice that focuses the mind.

When your kid starts disciplining her breath, her mind will come to be more focused. It would be a natural calming technique that will come in use at times of distress. From a very early age, when she learns to own her breath, impulsive behavior, the inability to think straight, and the handicap of a distracted mind will reduce.

Strengthen Up with Power Building Postures

Yoga will teach your child to see the body as a temple. With love, acceptance, and respect for the physical disposition, your child will learn to take care of it. Strength is not just a physical attribute but a manifold quality of the body, mind, and spirit, and your child will know how to boost strength in the manifold way through practice of asanas.

Power building postures like the Triangle, Extended Side Angle, and Downward Dog are great ways to firm up and tone. Strengthening up the body with regular yoga will make your kid more confidant physically and make way for great progress in all challenges of life.

Find Balance and Poise

The carriage of a person is reflective of many things—confidence, determination, and fortitude. If you lead your child to lead a life strictly sedentary, she is bound to assume a bowed down posture with spinal discomfiture. Yoga on the other hand will add grace and poise, make an upright spine, and make the child more suave in her movement. Help her ease into her skin and take the world by a natural, free flowing charm.

Discover a World of Meditative Peace

Peace is a hard won state of mind. In a child’s hemisphere, energy is unbound and activities keep coming one after the other, providing hardly any scope for having a calm moment. If you can manage an energetic child, full of beans to practice yogic meditation, the quality of deep thinking and artistic sensibilities can flourish more. A child introduced to meditation can discover a world of peace within and stay untouched from negative elements.

Build Healthy Habits

Yoga, the discipline comes with great scope for building healthy, and utilitarian habits. Non-indulgent intake of wholesome food, balancing fun and games with study hours, being better disposed to new conditions will come naturally to the child. The more your child internalizes yoga, unwholesome habits will fall away as a sign of holistic health.

Keep the fun and sprightly element alive in yoga when introducing the subject to children, and slowly take them to higher levels in the practice, one step at a time.

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