Visual fascination is greatly incorporated in the human experience and with almost ninety percent of data production and curation taking place visually; people relate and engage more with visual content. Social media platforms such as Instagram have taken note of this, making the entire channel mobile-exclusive with highlighting visual-only content. Since visual content is currently the best content-driven marketing policy, brands that are looking for promotional success are all tapping into this visual-only platform and enjoying tremendous success.

While the image-based platform is known for amplifying your engagement numbers, the marketing success on Instagram comes with a daunting caveat. If you are looking to cut through the noise and stand out in the competition, here are some of the tactics that you need to implement in order to get more followers for Instagram:

Work Out on a Plan of Action

The tactics that you form and put into the application is what separates you from the others who are simply crowdsourcing self esteem. In order to ensure that your Instagram marketing strategies are effective enough, make sure that you create a plan that offers a spotlight on your targeted audience and proffer a clear route for the content journey. For this, you will need to understand and address the buyer persona through curating content that resonates well with your followers on the channel. Crafting high-quality content for inciting the buyer persona requires you to consider your targeted customers’ concerns, demographics, motivations, behaviors, and goals.

Trigger Emotions
Make sure that you internalize your targeted audience’s emotions in order to tailor your content in such a manner that it helps in generating a positive emotion. According to a survey, purely emotional and positive campaigns resulted in garnering twice profits than those with a normal approach. Hence, when you are choosing images for sharing on Instagram, keep in mind that the intended emotion should be straightforward and clear.

Develop a Visual Narrative
This implies that often you need to publish images that connote certified customers utilizing your offers so that the potential customers can easily visualize and relate to the people in the images while thinking of enjoying the same benefits. Such a thought-provoking marketing policy can drive a lot of Instagram following and you will find more and more people connecting with your business. According to, focusing on user-generated content on Instagram leads to 4.5% higher inclination for conversion.

Indulge in Conversations
Instagram is one such versatile social media platform that allows you to build a community out of your social following once you are able to prioritize conversations and intensify self- revelation. Your participation in your Instagram posts will incur a sense of connectedness, creating and consolidating the path for conversions. Focus on question and answer sessions while ensuring to give time to respond to the queries and comments. Also, you can provide more value by liking a user comment and leaving a comment on their image.

It goes without saying that Instagram is an integral part of any social media marketing strategy and can be a great weapon to have in your brand-developing arsenal. Adhere to these tactics and ensure success with an effective Instagram marketing strategy