Real estate industry is an important sector in Singapore that contributes a major share to the GDP of the sovereign city-state and this island country in Southeast Asia. In addition to the GDP, real estate also a key component of household wealth as an assortment of property-buyers in Singapore buy homes and residences for investment purpose. So both on the individual and national front, the construction sector can be deemed to be a major contributor to the overall economic growth of Singapore. So what are you seeking residences price in Stirling for? Are you planning to own a property or a home in Sterling? Well, if you are, you are actually getting off the right foot.

Investing your money in real estate holds an assortment of advantages and there are reasons why a Singaporean should make a way to invest in property. From excellent returns to amazing tax advantages, investing your money can ensure you good returns enabling you to build your wealth. We have spotted 3 most significant reasons why investing in real estate is worthwhile:

1. Double Your Growth with Better Returns:

Real estate and stock market are two of the most popular ways to make quick money as they both ensure better returns. But with investing stock market, you may run the risk of losing your hard-earned money just with a single blow. On the other hand, property investment is reliable. You have 0.000001% chances of losing your money as with the rising population and increasing market demand, you can rest assured about your gain on your property investments. In a region like Kent Ridge Hill, residences price are skyrocketing enabling property buyers to make the most of their investment either by renting their homes or by reselling their properties.

2. Real Estate Holds a High Tangible Asset Value:

Unlike the stock market, a property or a home you buy holds a tangible asset value. If an apartment price in 8 St Thomas is S$ 50000, it will go through the roof with the passing years. Take your car for instance, despite you take good care of its maintenance, its value will keep decreasing with time. Your investment in the stock market can dip to zero in most instances and there is no protection behind to save your money invested in the stock. But, in case of a property investment, there is insurance cover to protect your investment cover. All in all, property investment is a safe bet when especially when you want to be assured of your returns.

3. Your Investment will Build-up with Time:

If you have an understanding of the real estate industry and know the gory details of the property investments, you will perhaps be also aware of the fact – property investments build-up with time with assured gain. So there is no reason for you to be on the horns of dilemma whether to invest in property or not. Buying a home with an appropriate floor plan in Park Colonial is the guarantee of your gain without fail.

Owning a real asset- a home or residence in Singapore is the assurance of your gain. So what’s spiking your guns when you can get assured cash flow from properties investment and tax deductions on mortgage interests? Now is the time to be good to go to make a property investment.

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