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In this modern world, for all ladies grooming is very much needed. To enhance their overall appearance a woman has to consider about so many things. The sultriness of every woman needs to be complemented by some other factors that spark her look. In enhancing the overall appearance of a woman nail plays a vital role. Proper nail highlights the beauty of a woman.

There are tons of nail paints available on the market. Buy are you bored of monotone nail shade and want to adopt something new and quirky. Then read on as we have compiled the list of 21 easy DIY Nail Art Ideas For Beginners. So wait for nothing let’s read on!

Are you not excited about how this design is made? It surely looks difficult to make, however, it’s one of the simple DIY nail art design. There are so many ways of having this nail art with no use of water. All you need is a cotton swab, toothpicks, dipping tools and some brushes to make different types of marble designs. You can use different shapes of nail polish, depending on the trending nail paint colors every season!

Pastel design

Spring and pastel go perfectly together. In this, you can combine all 9 colors or go with one color. It depends on you, make the cute and creative designs with pastel design.

Bunnies and Polka Dots

Bunnies are the best idea for easter nails, and they’re very easy to paint yourself then you thought. All you do is, to begin with, a base coat, make sure to do the complete works beforehand. Uit means removing old nail paint from the nail paint remover.

With the help of dark purple nail paint shade create the polka dots. Use hair grip to make polka dots easily. Next step is to create a bunny face, ears and add some black and pink shade to give the bunny fine detail. It is not so tough as you thought, right?

Cute Matte design

Right now creating a matter nail art is quite tough, but you need not worry if you have too many shades of matte. Simply create a nail paint design and instead of applying a glossy coat over it give it a matte coat. By this, you will have matte nails.

Colorful designs

This type of nail art is best for longer nails, no if you have longer nails why don’t you try out some intricate designs. You can make horizontal stripes using nail foils on your nails.


If we talk about feminine and whimsical design, Betsey Johnson a very popular American design comes to mind. Betsey design aesthetics are mind-blowing just like this nail art. You may think that this is not simple to create but this nail design is very simple to do.

Fruity tooty

If you are crazy about fruits then there is no doubt that you will love this nail art designs. Uts colorful and fresh without being too loud. You will find so many online tutorials from where you can learn to make best fruity tooty nail art designs.

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Saran wrap mani

Art comes in a variety of forms, so any tools can be used in making perfect nail art design. And in this case, we use a warp in order to create an outstanding design. Watch an online tutorial on how to create a warp design with the help fo wrap available at your home.

Nail tape Art

Creating complex and fun nail art design is not as complex as you think. It’s cool, fun and hip ad very simple as pasting the tape onto the nails and paint over it.

Double half Moon

Aiming for sophistication and simplicity? Then here’s a simple to make nail art pattern for your nails. Double half moon nail art design is considered a perfect nail art pattern for formal events.