Summary: Read the article to know about the most wonderful and exciting things to do after successfully completing the Yoga Training program.

The day of transition from a Yoga TTC student to a certified Yoga Teacher is an accomplishment to reminisce. This day marks the beginning of a journey – the voyage of a serious Yogi and a teacher of the art form (irrespective of personal or professional reasons). As you pace yourself to embrace this day of becoming a YTT graduate, it is better to set a plan that graphs the next steps to be taken as a fresh high-on-yoga, feisty yoga teacher training graduate. The steps demand to be taken in the beginning phase after graduation when the iron is still hot from the entire program when the excitement of accomplishing something great with the learning you have acquired during the course of YTT is still soaring high.

To aid further, here are the ten important steps to get started with after successfully completing the Yoga Teacher Training in India or anywhere else on the globe:

Register With Yoga Alliance and Get Liability Insurance

If you have completed your YTT from a Yoga Alliance certified school then take the next step towards gaining recognition by visiting the Yoga Alliance website and submitting your certification credentials in order to gain the status of a global Yoga Alliance verified Yoga Teacher. Additionally, apply for Liability Insurance for more benefits.

Create a Local Contact List and Start Accessing It

You have just completed the YTT program and it is time to create the list of contacts you can remain connected to and become an avid member of the Yoga Community. This move shall not only help you stay updated with the ongoing yoga news and trends, but also assist in creating market value.

Laminate Your Certificates and Keep a Record of Continuing Education

Once you receive your certificate, make sure to laminate it and create copies of it to keep it safe. The record of continuing Education also needs to be maintained online and offline, depending on the preference.

Set Your Minimum Rate per Session

Scan the Yoga market and set your rate on a session-wise basis. Keep a competitive rate so that your clients do not take you for an overtly expensive teacher (if kept high) or under skilled for keeping a lower market rate per session in comparison with others.

Assist As Much As You Can

The only way to hone your skills as a yoga teacher is to assist as many accomplished yoga teachers as you possibly can. Do not hesitate to learn and imbibe more knowledge on the go.

Join a Local Gym or an Average Yoga Studio

As an inexperienced yoga teacher, you might have flaws in your teaching which need work and elimination without the risk of damaging your reputation as a budding yoga instructor. For this purpose, it is best to join a local gym or an average yoga studio where you can practice the art of teaching and make a mistake or two without impacting your reputation.

Indulge in Serious Self-Practice

Do not miss out on self-practice in any case. You need to keep improvising your skills as a yogi in order to be able to teach the students with perfection. Indulging in more and more self-practice shall help you become highly comfortable with the knowledge and practice of the styles.

Specialize More and More

Do not stop at one certification. After 200 Hour YTTC, make an effort to continue your education and specialize in as many styles as you possibly can.

Teach Local People and Family First

Not just assisting others, start thinking like a self-dependent yogi and start taking independent classes for local people. Reach out to family and friends who can support you in becoming a good yoga teacher.

Acquire Feedback and Respond Positively to It

Accepting criticism with grace is highly important for a yoga teacher to improvise as a teacher and as a practitioner both. Hence, ask for criticism, comments, so you can refine and upgrade accordingly.

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