Mount Kailash is considered holy by Hindus, Buddhists and Jains. Lying in the Tibetan range, this mountain is at the axis of the Earth and is devoted to Adi Yogi Shiva and his eternal spirit mate Shakti. here are the 10 interesting Facts about mount Kailash:-

1. Pyramid shaped structure is not natural however build with expertise of some super human

2. Trekking all the way up to the peak of Mount Kailash is held to be a forbidden act among Hindus for the fear of trespassing the sanctity of the mountain and disturbing the divine energies residing there

3. Highest freshwater lake in the world ,Manas Taal which lies at an altitude of 14, 950 ft.

4. Mount Kailash is believed to be the Axis Mundi aka world axis, world pillar, centre of the world, the world tree. It is the point where heaven meets earth. The Google Maps vouch for the validity of this fact.

5. Once a group of climbers of Siberian origin reached ahead of a certain point and immediately aged by a few decades. Shockingly, all of the trespassers died of old age a year after!

6. Tourists and pilgrims have discovered that the air of this ancient peak amps up the process of ageing, your nails or hair grow faster and time travel faster at Kailash,nails and hair grow to a length in 12 hours, which in normal conditions would happen in 2 weeks!

7. Only human to have ever climbed Mt Kailash is a mystic Tibetan Seer and poet named Milarepa also considered as God in some religions , It was over about some 900 years ago.

8. The shape of Mansarovar is that of the Sun, and Rakshastal has the shape of the crescent Moon!

9. A secret entrance to Shambala which is a spiritual country that is located in the north-west of Kailash-Shambhala is a “Place of Happiness and Tranquility” and also a place where many religious teachings originated.

10. No place in the world will you ever find a fresh water which is peaceful less turbulent lake like Manas and a neighbouring salt water lake so close to each other .