Happiness can vary from person to person, but one common theme prevails and that is the health benefits of happiness. Studies show that happy people enjoy a healthy life as they eat healthily, think and feel positive and are less stressed out. And hence, on a happy note, we have listed below the happiest countries around the world.

Happiest countries

10. Sweden

Sweden is one of the five Nordic nations that reliably sits close to the highest point of the Happiness Report. To experience what fulfills this nation, just visit a coffeehouse. Sweden is one of the three biggest espresso buyers on the planet. A feeling of group is reinforced through the custom known as fika, closely translated into “break time,” when local people meet over espresso to make up for lost time, talk about news, and eat cakes. Have a go at taking a fika at memorable Vete-Katten in Stockholm, a tasting spot established in 1928.

9. Australia

Australia is the 6th biggest nation on the planet. It has low levels of contamination, elevated amounts of municipal engagement, and tight-weave local people. The prominent Australian grill unites everybody; most national parks, open air spaces, and different spots where individuals accumulate offer free or coin-worked flame broils. Explorers without Australian companions to host them can join other brewery and BBQs to meet local people at bottling works and attempt an assortment of meat and fish dishes. Or, on the other hand, eat with a view amid the BBQ dusk journey on Lake Kununurra in West Australia.

8. New Zealand

The island nation of New Zealand has been occupied by people for only about 800 years. From the Blue Mountains to the wild penguins on South Island, there are numerous lovely sights to lift local people’s spirits in this flourishing natural heaven. Today it has low levels of contamination and is known as a standout amongst the most biodiverse islands on the planet. New Zealanders take pride in their nearby environment and strive to ensure it. Try not to miss the opportunity to visit the fountain of liquid magma, antiquated Maori locales, and holes at Tongariro and Whanganui National Parks.

7. The Netherlands

Residents living in the Netherlands report the most elevated rates of physical action on the planet. The nation takes pride in its 20,000 miles of bike paths for safe travel, and the capital city of Amsterdam is thought to be a standout amongst the most bicycle cordial urban communities on the planet. Lease a bike to attempt the nation’s favored technique for transportation and get some fun practice amid an excursion. Either outline a bike trip around Amsterdam or find a neighborhood manual to find your way around the city.

6. Canada

Canada is the second biggest nation on the planet by aggregate region, extending northward into the Arctic Circle. There’s bounty to investigate in this open and socially differing nation. In parts of the northwest along the old Trans-Canada Highway, guests can take in the craft of mushing amid winter’s dogsledding season. On the off chance that you lean toward two feet on the ground, climb the slants of the Canadian Rocky Mountains in Banff National Park or Canada’s numerous national parks.

5. Finland

Steam your stress away in a customary Finnish sauna, an adored custom throughout the country. Regardless of a populace of just 5.2 million individuals, there are some of 3.3 million saunas found in the country. You can discover them at the edge of lake houses, office structures, and even Parliament.

4. Norway

In case you’re going to Norway, evaluated one of the best nations on the planet for its exquisite scene, explore the outdoor spaces. You can set up your portable shelter anywhere you’d like while climbing through Norway’s eminent fjords. In the late spring months, have a go at climbing Mount Skala, one of the tallest mountains in the nation, for an exotic view of neighborhood mountains and icy masses.

3. Iceland

Iceland amazed many individuals when it stayed in the World Happiness Report’s main 10 after the 2008 financial subsidence. Presently, Iceland Air offers modest flights to Europe, with developed delays in the capital city of Reykjavík. Once there, voyagers find indoor market corridors and open-air swimming pools in the capital city, and also numerous national parks. In the event that you have time, take a drive along Ring Road to see the island’s volcanoes, shorelines, and other open air points of interest.

2. Switzerland

The world’s most joyful nation in the 2015 rankings, Switzerland is known for being a prosperous country with superb ski inclines and rich chocolate. Switzerland’s flourishing open-air spaces likewise bear the cost of a sound way of life for its residents: The nation gloats the most reduced heftiness rates in Europe. Find a portion of the wild spaces in Switzerland by canyoning, kayaking, or paragliding in Interlaken to investigate the unlimited hilly scene.

1. Denmark

This isn’t the first occasion when Denmark has been named the happiest nation on the planet. Denmark offers a plentitude of free open administrations, for example, medicinal services and training, and it prides itself on its solid feeling of social life and group. You can have a go at going by the “Imperial Copenhagen Christmas Tables” display to take in more about hygge, or a social distinguishing proof approximately characterized as feeling comfortable in the organization of loved ones over a supper.

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